10 Of The Most Beautiful Mountains In The World

Many types of scenery are beautiful, but few geological features are as dramatic, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring as mountains. Mountains soar high above our heads, astounding us with their heights and features. They make us feel tiny, vulnerable, and fragile, but they also lift us up at the same time, inspiring us to strive for new heights. Here are 10 of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Some of these peaks are famous, while others are not as well known. You will find tall mountains here and mountains which more than make up for their smaller size in terms of their unique geometry. All of them will inspire you.

1. The Matterhorn, Switzerland
This is one of those iconic mountains with a recognizable profile which many people can spot right away. The Swiss Alps are incredible, but the Matterhorn is probably their most famous summit. The mountain’s sharp profile and chiseled ridges call to mind a stepped pyramid. Once you have seen a photograph of the Matterhorn, you will be able to spot it instantly, even from different angles. And if you ever see the Matterhorn in person, you will never forget it. Stormy and unpredictable weather makes this one of the most challenging peaks in the world to climb.

2. Huayna Picchu, Peru
Speaking of things that look like they were constructed by an ancient civilization, this list would definitely fall a mountain short without a mention of Huayna Picchu. This mountain itself is of course natural, but it is home to one of the most famous ancient ruins in existence. Its shoulder is capped by the remnants of the ancient Incan city Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is one of the most famous sites in all of South America, and many history enthusiasts and archaeologists dream of someday ascending to visit this very old city in person. Picture beholding the breathtaking vistas from amongst the broken walls and imagining what life must have been like from such a height.

3. Denali, Alaska
If you are looking for a mountain that will awe you with its sheer size and imposing profile, travel to Denali in Alaska. Denali measures 20,320 feet in height, which doesn’t make it the highest mountain on the planet above sea level (that is Mount Everest), but it is the tallest measured from base to summit. As such, it is absolutely tremendous, a snow-covered leviathan poised above many other high mountains that look like foothills by comparison. Standing in the shadow of this mountain, you will feel as if you are in the presence of a mighty god.

4. Tre Cime Di Lavaredo, Italy
Here is perhaps one of the most unique entries in our list. These three peaks jut straight up out of the earth like towers. Indeed, from a distance, they could be mistaken by ancient, tremendous, weathered monuments erected by some lost civilization with incredible architectural capabilities. They are an entirely natural formation despite their unusual appearance, and are certainly some of the most striking mountains on the planet.

5. Kirkjufell, Iceland
This odd looking mountain is really more of a butte, with a flat top. Horizontal lines of sediment rising out of a smoothly sloped base give it a neat and orderly look. As such, it is very distinctive. It may not be all that tall, but its elegance and symmetry make it unique among all the peaks on earth.

6. Ama Dablam, Nepal
This majestic peak features a lot of sharp, unexpected angles. Snow only serves to accentuate these surprising geometric diversions and draw attention to the incredible natural architecture. This is one of the most eye-catching mountains you will ever see. It’s a little like the Matterhorn, taken to whole new heights.

7. Table Mountain, South Africa
Like Kirkjufell, this is not the tallest peak, but it is a very distinctive one, again with a flat top. The mountain makes a beautiful, elegant profile against the sea, one which stands out from every other mountain on the planet. This mountain is all horizontal lines which work with the horizon itself to create a majestic sight.

8. Tetons, Wyoming
The Grand Tetons are a row of peaks just south of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. They soar above the Jackson Lake, and are largely inaccessible via car. The only way to penetrate the actual range is to hike and climb on foot. The mountains have an ethereal appearance, and set against idyllic rolling hills and vegetation, they have a fairy-tale look to them which is entirely one-of-a-kind.

9. Alpamayo, Peru
This mountain in the Peruvian Andes is capped by an incredibly steep peak of ice. The ice soars upward in a pyramid-shape at a sixty degree angle. From certain angles, the pyramid shape is almost perfectly formed. It is not as large as some of the peaks which surround it, but it does have a unique look to it that causes it to outshine many of the other larger mountains around it. Alpamayo was the subject of an article in the German magazine “Alpinismus” in 1966. The writing and photography in the magazine caused the mountain to be voted “Most Beautiful Mountain in the World” in a survey.

10. Mount Fuji, Japan
Mount Fuji in Japan is one of the most famous and recognizable mountains in the entire world. The peak rises dramatically out of a relatively flat surrounding landscape, making its appearance a very dramatic one. The perfect peak capped in snow is an iconic image, particularly with cherry blossoms in the foreground. For many people, the image of Fuji is synonymous with a vision of Japan.

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