10 Ways To Style: Knit Cardigan

The weather is cooling down, which means cardigan season is coming in. To get you prepped for looking your best, we are sharing the 10 Ways to Style your knit cardigan. Find out the fashionable ways you can easily dress it up or down for a day or night look.

10 ways to style: Knit cardigans

1. When it hasn't completely cooled off yet, throw your knit cardigan over a pair of jean shorts and a button-down.

2. Wear a fall-colored pair of jeans with a pair of flats and a printed scarf.

3. When it starts to cool off, wear your knit cardigan buttoned up with a belt to draw in your waist. Pick a pair of fun colored jeans and, to stay extra warm, add a pop of color with a solid-colored cardigan or long-sleeve shirt underneath.

4. Go for a woodsy style by wearing a pair of jeans with a flannel and tights underneath.

5. Tuck in a t-shirt, wear a colorful and printed scarf, and a pair of tall boots to match your bag.

6. Bring your favorite knit sweater with you on date night. Wear it with a little black dress, tights, and tan booties with jewelry to dress it up.

7. Dress up your outfit by putting on a pair of heeled booties and a stylish hat.

8. Wear a form fitted tank, tucked into tweed pants. Add a pair of cute oxfords to top off your look.

9. Wear a printed dress with solid colored tights and your favorite knit cardigan. Cinch in the waist with a thick belt.

10. For a comfy and warm style, wear socks over tights, a cute pair of lace-up boots, and a short dress.

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