16 Boho Braid Tutorials That Will Give You Cinderella Hair For Prom

Today is a pretty exciting day for Disney fans: the live-action version of Cinderella is finally playing in theaters! I got to see the movie earlier this week, and I absolutely loved it. It was funny, sweet, whimsical, and just completely fairytale perfect. I’ve always loved the story of Cinderella, despite the fact that it’s premise is pretty archaic, and it was so fun to see it played out by real people instead of cartoons.

I’m still not sure what caught my eye more, though: Richard Madden as literally the most perfect Prince Charming to walk the earth (Robb Stark pulled it off, guys), or Lily James’ hair in character as Cinderella. I know Cinderella is all about the gorgeous gown and the glass slippers, but honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her long blonde waves. Throughout the movie, Cinderella showed off several gorgeous braids, along with some seriously enviable curls.

Of course, I automatically thought of prom – because Disney princesses and prom seem to go together so well. Her hair was perfect for any kind of special occasion, whether you want to do fancy curls or something more bohemian. So, I searched the Internet for hair tutorials similar to these styles. The result? These 16 tutorials that will give you Cinderella hair for prom. Oh, and guys, seriously don’t forget to see the movie – it was magical!

Low braid crown/halo

Throughout most of the beginning of the movie, Lily James wore her long waves in a low, wrap-around braid crown. It was very pretty, loose, and boho, with an effortless look to it that was still very pretty. The below tutorials give several different options on how to achieve this on your own:

1. This wrap-around braid tutorial is simple to recreate on your own. One side is a regular braid, one side is a smaller French side braid.

2. Here’s a similar look, except instead of having a French braid on one side, this just uses two regular braids.

3. This is just here to show you you can even get this look with medium-length/short hair!

4. This is a little higher up, and slightly different, but still really pretty. 

Side boho braid

Lily James also wore her hair in long, tousled curls and messy waves, with a side braid hanging loose. This is a super simple boho style you can wear any day, not just for special occasions.

5. Here’s how to do this on your own. It’s a side French braid, and you can finish it into an easy twist, or keep braiding until the end.

Low boho braided updo

Before getting done up by her fairy godmother, Cinderella had this low, loose updo going on. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, but these tutorials should give you something similar:

6. This twisted look is a little different, but offers the same effect.

7. This is a bit more polished, but still a great option.

Messy side ponytail

As Cinderella started to become more of a house maid than herself, her hair got messier, and ended up in this loose ponytail. When done correctly, the below are great options for a fancy occasion.

8. Do a side braid and a low ponytail like this. Push it more to the side than the center if you want.

9. You can add two braids to make this even more fun.

Turban/headband style

At one point, Cinderella’s hair got really messy, and I probably wasn’t supposed to like it, but I did. This is definitely more of a casual style, but adding a turban, headband or scarf to messy hair has a really great boho vibe to it.

10. You can try something like this with a headband… 

11. Or something like this with a scarf.

Boho side braid with flowers

Simply adding flowers to your waves can be really, really pretty. Here are some tutorials on getting easy beach waves or tousled curls:

12. Curl hair with a curling iron, add hairspray, then tousle the curls so they get loose and messy.

13. You can try a whole bunch of mini buns on wet hair: 

14. Or three buns like so: 

Half-up/half-down curls

For the big ball, Cinderella’s hair was curled, shimmery, and pulled back just a little.  Use the below tutorial for the front, then either curl your hair with an iron or wand, or use one of the above tutorials for waves.

15. Do this twisted back piece on both sides to get the same look as Lily James above.

16. Or, you could always go for classic Disney cartoon Cinderella!

Which of these looks is your favorite? Which are you going to try?
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