20 Style Tips On How To Wear Leggings

Leggings are THE BEST, all caps necessary. I don’t think there is a more comfortable piece of clothing than leggings. I also don’t think there is a more controversial piece of clothing than leggings, at least on Gurl.com. You guys either love leggings and think they should be worn every way possible, or you’re not that into them and firmly believe they are not a substitute for pants.

No matter how you feel about leggings, though, I guarantee there is an outfit idea in here that you’ll love. Throw away your jeans and grab your favorite pair of leggings, because I think that’s all you’re going to want to wear after reading this post (okay, that’s drastic, don’t throw away your jeans. You’ll need them one day). Here are 20 style tips on how to wear leggings:

1. A long, open button-down shirt with boots and a scarf plus leggings make a great and super comfy outfit. 

2. If you feel uncomfortable wearing leggings with a shorter shirt, just add a super long cardigan.

3. Spice things up by going for a pair of pleather or leather leggings.

4. A long t-shirt and loose, long cardigan look perfect with leggings – this outfit is super comfy but still looks stylish and put-together.

5. When you’re just running around, wear your leggings with sneakers and a graphic tee. It’s basically like wearing sweatpants.

6. Layers like this can be bulky, which is why they look great with slim leggings.

7. A shirt that’s almost long enough to be a dress but is not quite there yet was basically made for leggings.

8. Wear a pair of slightly cropped leggings with your favorite ankle boots.

9. Leggings are warmer than tights, so sub them in on cold days! You can easily wear them under a mini skirt like this one. This is an especially great use of your leggings if they’re starting to get old and faded.

10. A long poncho can be very bulky. Wear it with leggings instead of jeans to balance things out.

11. Go for sequin leggings instead of regular plain ones. So much more fun! 

12. Tunics that are longer in the back than the front are another great option for leggings.

13. Slightly cropped leggings, sneakers, and a sweater make your laziest day even more comfortable.

14. Pair your leggings with a cute sweater dress and heels for a cozy winter outfit.

15. Patterned leggings like these are so much fun, but can be hard to wear. Pair them with basic shirts like white, black or another solid color. 

16. When you’re running around getting errands done, or just leaving the gym, throw on a denim jacket and sunglasses for an instant touch of glam. 

17. Dress up your leggings with a statement necklace and a fitted blazer.

18. A plaid shirt and leggings is a great combo. Add a faux fur vest for some glam. 

19. Make your summer dress work for winter by wearing it with leggings, a scarf, boots and a jacket. 

20. Layers are so slim-fitting that they allow you to add lots of layers. Pair leggings with a chambray shirt, a big sweater and a scarf.

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