20 Style Tips On How To Wear Slip-On Sneakers

Move over, painful heels and uncomfortable flats: slip-on sneakers are super trendy right now, and I literally could not be happier about it.

I first noticed that slip-on sneakers (a more chic version of a regular lace-up sneaker) were back in style when I saw them gracing the pages of my favorite magazines and looking cute on some famous style bloggers, like Sincerely Jules, over the summer. Then I went to New York Fashion Week this month, and noticed not one, but a lot of super stylish people prancing around in adorable slip-on sneakers. Some were pairing them with jeans and a cute top, but a lot of people were unexpectedly wearing them with fancier dresses.

I don’t think I really need to make a case for why this trend is awesome. These sneakers are ridiculously comfortable, and they’ll go with basically anything. So many brands and labels are coming out with really fun pairs, too – I’ve seen animal print, leather, metallic, tartan. The possibilities are endless!

Want to know how to wear yours in a unique way? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear slip-on sneakers:  

1. Pair printed slip-on sneakers with a chic black and white outfit.

2. If it’s still warm, make denim shorts more dressed up with black slip-on sneakers and a blazer.

3. Adding slip-on sneakers to a fancy dress makes it more wearable during the day.

4. Go for a serious ’90s vibe by wearing a pair with overalls and a crop top.

5. Slip-on sneakers and a sweater make a maxi skirt work for fall and winter. 

6. High-waist jeans, a floppy hat, a long cardigan and slip-on sneakers make the perfect cute and casual outfit.

7. Go for a simple but chic look with a quilted mini skirt, plain sweatshirt and sneakers. Add a plaid button-up for a ’90s grunge vibe. 

8. Leopard print slip-on sneakers look awesome with a black dress.

9. A denim jacket, sweater, huge scarf, skinny jeans and sneakers make the perfect layered fall outfit. 

10. Pro tip: cuff your jeans a little bit to show off how cute your sneakers are. 

11. Leggings and a long shirt with slip-on sneakers equal the perfect comfy outfit. 

12. Mix a striped blazer with a graphic tee and a scarf for a fun outfit. 

13. While it’s still warm, pair your slip-on’s with a denim shirt-dress.

14. Leopard print sneakers break up an all-black ensemble nicely.

15. Fun slip-on sneakers make a midi skirt look younger and more fun.

16. Chic slip-on sneakers and a blazer dress up your boyfriend jeans perfectly. 

17. A cute sweatshirt and slip-on shoes make a mini-skirt more casual. 

18. In the warmer weather, pair your sneakers with a leather mini-skirt and simple tank top.

19. Slip-on shoes make leather pants more casual and daytime ready. 

20. Wear printed slip-on shoes with the classic combo of a striped shirt and skinny jeans. Add a bright bag for some color. 

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