21 Cute Beach Outfits To Copy Before Summer Is Over

There are a variety of beach outfits you could put together for your beach vacation, beach event, beach date, or day at the beach. Depending on why you’re going to the beach in the first place will determine what type of beach outfit you should wear.

Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or some sort of beach event. Casual beach outfits are for those days when you want to go to the beach but not really get into the water, you’re admiring it from afar. Then there are those beach outfits that are made up of a cute summer bikini and maybe a coverup.

When it comes to cute beach outfits, the options are endless so you need to first narrow your choices down to the occasion. What you wear to the beach with your friends on the weekend will be entirely different from what you wear to the beach for a business event. Appropriate attire will not only help you look stylish, but it’s also respectful to the person putting on the “event.”

After knowing the occasion next you need to decide what style you’re going for. Do you want to look classic chic, boho, young, sexy? Ask yourself what do you want your beach outfit to say about you. Because our outfits speak for us before we do you want to make sure you’re getting the right message across. This is important even for beach outfits.

The last component in putting together your perfect beach outfit is the actual items themselves and making sure they match the style you’re going for. If you’re going to the beach for a dinner date, you most likely want to look stylish but still keep the beach vibe in your look. For example; in a beach outfit below I paired a printed chiffon maxi dress in blue and white with a pair of blue wedges and a matching handbag. I kept the beachy essence by selecting a thin fabric, a fun print, light colors and coordinated my accessories to the occasion.

In the 21 beach outfits below I share with you a variety of looks that would work for many occasions. These outfits are not just bikinis or dresses. I wanted to make sure this resource is something you could use when you needed a dressy beach outfit or something to wear strolling the boardwalk.

Use these beach outfit ideas for your inspiration, a jumping off point in putting together your outfit.


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