A Chic Way To Wear A Tie Dye Shirt

If tie dye brings pictures of 1960’s hippies with long hair, braids, and rose-colored sunglasses it’s time to rip that tie dye out of t-shirts and tunics and bring it into the present. You can wear tie-dye in a sophisticated and stylish outfit that will make people look twice.

The current day tie dye pieces are no longer the oversized rainbow t-shirts that don’t fit, well, they are still available but you shouldn’t wear them. Tie dye has been transformed into chic dresses, moody silk tanks and sexy skirts. What’s even more appealing with tie dye is that each piece is unique. Each tie dye piece is different so when you buy a tie dyed piece you have something that is uniquely yours. Just like the tie dye shirt I’m wearing in this outfit.

But how do you wear tie dye shirt without looking like a colorful mess?

As with most trends and poppy pieces, don’t overdo it. Only wear one tie dye piece at a time. You shouldn’t wear tie dye pants with matching a tie dye shirt – go with one or the other, not both.

Wear your tie dye shirt or shorts with neutrals. In this outfit, I wore this tie dye shirt with black jeans and a blazer. This made the tie dye shirt the main focus of the outfit and brought color to this outfit without making it look too tie dye crazy. I also wanted to create a strong contrast so I went with black instead of say white or a darker blue. This is especially important if you wear a tie dye dress make sure your accessories, purse, blazer, jacket and heels are neutral.

Look for tie-dye in darker hues or pale, water colored hues. These colors will create a sophisticated look and keep you looking classy. Stay away from the bright rainbow color palettes. If you do want to wear something a little brighter go with a piece that has colors in the same color palette; such as turquoise, aqua and blue as opposed to orange, hot pink, lime green.

So, what other pieces could you wear in tie dye besides a tie dye shirt? The answer really depends on how adventurous you are. You can stick with a tank top, such as I have, or wear it in accessories, denim jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts, anything really. You can wear any piece you want in tie dye as long as you follow the three points I made above.

If you’re looking to make a big statement, tie dye jeans will do it without a doubt. I wore tie dye jeans sometime ago, they were white denim with purple patterns. With such statement pants the rest of the outfit needs to be neutral without much fuss.

How do you wear tie dye?

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