Can You Wear Black And Brown Together

It’s funny how our taste in accessories and clothing changes over time. The time between these changes varies too, it can be a month or it can be three years. Suddenly you wake up one day and your favorite pants are not your favorite anymore. Or you’ve suddenly fall in love with everything black and white.

I was never really a big fan of gold but now I can’t get enough of it. I love gold in jewelry, handbags and shoe accents and come spring I might even like hints of it in my clothes.

It has been said that you’re not supposed to wear black and brown together. I’ve always wondered about the truth of it but never spent time researching it enough to know where this concept originated. Who was the person, magazine or designer that said no to these two hues ever sharing the spotlight? I’m still searching, so I’ll let you know in my next black and brown look.

Personally, I like wear black and brown colors in one outfit. When wearing these two colors I try to wear brown as the accessories and black in the outfit. The gorgeous flowy silk top is from Michael Stars spring collection, it’s the perfect blouse for this outfit.

In this outfit, I wore a light brownish-nude heels and a light brown handbag. These two items stand out because of the black and white contrasts. To maintain my signature style I kept the look minimal and classic with a contemporary twist. I topped off the look with matching dainty gold jewelry.
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