The Super Stylish Duo – Booties With Jeans

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration and style tips on how to wear booties with jeans you’re in the right place.

Wearing booties with jeans can be a very stylish and classic outfit if you know what to keep in mind when putting together your outfit.

I wore this outfit the beginning of September just as the weather started to cool, and the anticipation of Fall started to show. I’m also wearing white jeans because it was Labor Day weekend. If you do not follow the “no white jeans after Labor Day” style rule, check out my post 16 Stylish Ways to Wear White Jeans. Get lots of examples on how you can wear white jeans into Fall and Winter and even with different styles of boots.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when you want to pair booties with jeans.

Let’s start off with what your outfit is comprised of. A shirt, sweater or blouse of some kind, jeans and booties. The items in the outfit are basics but the colors, the style of jeans and type of booties that make your outfit unique.

The chicest way you can wear booties with jeans is selecting a pair of skinny jeans that end at the ankle. You can also wear a pair of skinny jeans and cuff the jeans. You want to wear skinny cropped jeans because it shows off your booties, and it creates a sleeker look.

Avoid jeans that fit you too loose as the look can get sloppy. I can’t say that I like how ankle boots look with bootcut jeans, I’ve never worn my booties with bootcut jeans and I would suggest you to do the same. I wear my bootcut jeans with boots that end at mid-thigh.

Coordinate the color of your booties with your jeans. Brown boots look fantastic when paired with white or blue jeans. You could also pair them with olive green or burgundy trousers. If you are going to wear, trousers wear skinny ankle trousers avoid flared trousers.

Black boots look great with gray, black, blue, and charcoal jeans. They are black, so you have many more options.

Once you have your jeans and booties selected, find an appropriate shirt to complete the look. I like wear slightly loose shirts when wearing the booties with jeans combo. I don’t like the look of everything being too tight.

In this outfit, I went with a chambray blouse. The blue stands out against the white jeans and the colors look beautiful together. The booties I’m wearing are from Sole Society, they have many affordable and cute options.

Next time, you’re putting together an outfit with booties remembers these simple style tips to have a very stylish outfit.

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