20 Style Tips On How To Wear Lace-Up Boots This Year

One of the biggest fall/winter fashion trends I’ve noticed on social media in the last few weeks is lace-up boots. There are so many different kinds: there are over-the-knee, super sexy lace-up boots that will make it look like you’re channeling Kylie Jenner. To take it down a notch, there are knee-high lace-up boots that look a little boho and fun. And to get super casual, there are lace-up boots that hit mid-calf and look similar to combat boots. Last but not least, there are cute little lace-up ankle boots that can be worn with basically anything.

No matter which kind you choose, one thing is for sure: you’ll look awesome. Lace-up boots are fun and a little bit different. But they can kind of hard to wear, just because there’s a lot going on and you don’t want to do too much. So, if you’re confused, here are 20 style tips on how to wear lace-up boots this fall and winter, complete with the cutest outfit ideas you’ll want to copy:

1. Mid-calf lace-up boots keep you comfy and looking cute when paired with leggings, a tunic, and a printed scarf.

2. Over-the-knee lace up boots give off a sexier vibe, especially when worn with a dress. Add a long cardigan and hat for a fall-appropriate look.

3. Wear your lace-up ankle boots with knee socks, a dress, a scarf, and a long cardigan – and a puppy. Preppy meets boho!

4. Mid-calf lace-up boots look ~so fall~ with knit socks over tights, a dress, a cozy scarf, and a sweater.

5. Cuff up your jeans when wearing lace-up ankle boots so you can show them off.

6. Or you can tuck your skinny jeans into your boots. A cozy sweater, scarf, and beanie complete the outfit.

7. Make an oversized sweater or a sweater dress look sexier by adding OTK lace-up boots.

8. Give your mid-calf lace-up boots a slightly different look by wrapping the laces around the boots just above your ankle.

9. Lace-up boots don’t have to only be paired with solids – look how cute they look with these patterned jeans.

10. Make your lacy white dresses work for fall and winter by adding OTK socks and lace-up boots.

11. Don’t store all your summer shorts away! They look perfect for fall when worn with tights, lace-up boots, and a cute sweater.

12. To do something a little different, don’t lace up your mid-calf boots all the way, and fold down the top part.

13. Go for the Kylie Jenner look with high-waist shorts, a plaid shirt around your waist, and of course, over-the-knee lace-up boots.

14. Combine two of fall’s biggest trends: warm ponchos and OTK lace-up boots.

15. It doesn’t get more perfect than this comfy outfit: skinny jeans tucked into lace-up boots, and two warm sweaters.

16. For a more casual, effortless look, leave half of the boots unlaced.

17. Wear your mid-calf boots over high socks and jeans to stay super warm.

18. OTK lace-up boots don’t have to be worn with dresses. Look how awesome they look over jeans.

19. Just like with mid-calf boots, you can choose not to tie up to the top with OTK boots.

20.  And of course, you can’t go wrong when wearing all black.

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