20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Jumpsuit This Winter

With the holiday season comes lots of parties and events – meaning you need something cool and stylish to wear to each one of them. You know what sucks about getting ready for a fun party in the winter? It’s cold, and while dresses are clearly the most obvious option, they also leave you freezing – even when you wear tights. So, I’m proposing an idea: opt for a jumpsuit instead.

It just makes sense – jumpsuits cover up way more of your body, and they’re pants, which automatically makes them warmer than dresses. Jumpsuits are comfortable, they’re unique, and they can be dressed up to make you look super fancy – and very chic. The only issue with jumpsuits is that they aren’t the easiest things to wear. Finding the perfect fit is hard enough, but then figuring out how to wear it? That’s when things get tricky.

But you shouldn’t be intimidated by jumpsuits! You just need some style tips to inspire you – I have faith in you! Swap out the same holiday dress everyone else will be wearing and go for a one-piece instead. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear jumpsuits this winter, with the coolest outfit ideas:

1. Add a wide statement belt to a solid-colored jumpsuit. It’s easy and immediately makes it look more glam. 

2. Wearing a black jumpsuit? Add bright heels or shoes to give your outfit a pop of color.

3. Glittery statement jewelry, heels, and an updo make a jumpsuit ready for even the fanciest party.

4.  Add a fitted blazer for a more professional look.

5.  Just because a jumpsuit is a statement piece on it’s own doesn’t mean it has to be a solid! A printed one is so cool.

6. A faux fur scarf looks like it belongs on your jumpsuit.

7. Your sleeveless jumpsuits don’t need to be saved for summer. Layer with a long-sleeved top underneath.

8. Some jumpsuits need literally no accessories at all – except maybe a gorgeous crossbody bag.

9. Opting for a bold, bright color? Go light on the accessories.

10. Add a long cape to look super elegant.

11. Opt for a capri jumpsuit, and add cool boots and shoes that will make your look totally unique.

12. Sometimes you just need a skinny belt to break up your look.

13. Jumpsuits can be casual too! A denim jacket and sneakers make this work for every day.

14. Add a long gold necklace for instant glamour.

15. Give your jumpsuit some serious boho vibes with a long cardigan.

16. Or add ankle boots and a floppy hat. If your jumpsuit is low-cut, a cool bondage bra makes it work.

17. A denim jumpsuit is ridiculously cool. Add bright accessories for fun.

18. A chain belt is a really pretty way to break up a solid-colored jumpsuit.

19. Layer with a leather jacket to stay warm. Make it fitted so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

20. An easy, glam look is a black jumpsuit with gold jewelry, a sparkly bag, and nude heels. Perfect holiday party attire!

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