20 Style Tips On How To Wear Mom Jeans

Mom jeans started making a comeback a few years ago, and they’re still going strong. I never thought I would say this, but some girls can make these loose, high-waisted jeans look really awesome. I’ll be honest with you guys: I’m not one of them. Mom jeans don’t fit my ~personal style~ and even when I think about trying them, I just feel like I can’t pull them off. Our writer Ashley wears them all the time and makes them look very cool, but I’m just not that there yet.

That’s partly why I put together this list of outfit ideas on how to style a pair of mom jeans. I also put it together because I’m kind of bored of seeing skinny jeans on literally everyone. Go out, buy yourself a pair of comfy jeans, and learn how to wear them so you look like an actual Instagram famous fashion blogger… or just so you feel really great about yourself. Whatever works. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear mom jeans:

1. Wear baggy, high-waist jeans with a slim top tucked in if you don’t want to feel totally covered up. Belt it, roll up the bottoms, and add cute accessories.

2. Roll your jeans up mid-calf to show off your ankles. A chunky gold necklace looks unexpected with such low-maintenance jeans.

3. Crop tops were practically made to balance out the bulkiness of mom jeans. Add a long sweater or kimono for chilly days. 

4. Mom jeans don’t need to be baggy, though – they can be tighter too, like these. With luxe items like a nice shirt, leather jacket, and cute heels, classic jeans get upgraded fast. 

5. Add some winter florals and a skinny belt to make your mom jeans more feminine.

6. Keep it simple with a solid tee and a pair of combat boots.

7. Give your mom jeans more of a normcore vibe by wearing them with socks and chunky sandals.

8. Instead of clunky shoes, opt for something like these fancy flats, which contrast nicely with mom jeans.

9. Give mom jeans a more professional vibe with a fitted button-down shirt that’s tucked in, sleek loafers, and a wool blazer or coat.

10. Cuff your mom jeans to show off a cute pair of Oxford shoes.

11. Combat boots, a longer crop top, a comfy sweater, and a slouchy beanie make the perfect school outfit.

12. Brighten up your mom jeans with a colorful sweater and shoes. This look is super ’80s but also perfect.

13. Mom jeans look best rolled or cuffed at the bottom, so why not take advantage of this time to show off your cool winter socks?

14. You can also roll them up to show off your stylish ankle boots.

15. When in doubt, add loafers, a warm scarf, cardigan, and a simple tee.

16. Go for serious mom vibes by wearing your jeans with a chunky cardigan. Adding dainty heels keeps this look modern and fresh.

17. A fitted blazer and top, plus heels, makes even the most ’80s-looking mom jeans look professional and chic.

18. Stay cozy in the winter with a knit cardigan and a cute hat on top of your mom jeans.

19. Mom jeans become instantly glam when you add a pair of fancy heels.

20. Feeling bold? A small crop top, big shoes, and a slim cardigan make any pair of mom jeans stand out.

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