20 Style Tips On How To Wear Printed Leggings

Let’s get this straight: leggings are the best. I’m not really here for the outraged cries of “leggings aren’t pants!” or “Some people just don’t have the body type to wear leggings!” Leggings are comfortable, they’re easy to style, they’re flexible, and then I also just have to reiterate how incredibly comfortable they are. Why wear restricting jeans when you could wear something that can potentially look just as professional while still feeling like sweatpants?

One of my favorite leggings outfit for the cold winter months include printed leggings. Whether you pick a pair with a floral pattern, a funky Aztec pattern, or just something a little more simple, printed leggings are really fun to play around with. You can dress them up or down, using them as sweats at home or pairing them with chic staples to wear to work or school. They are definitely a statement piece that will make your outfit stand out, which I think is a good thing. Want to get a pair right now? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear printed leggings:

1. Keep it simple – a basic, solid top and knee high boots make an easy winter outfit. 

2. Or keep it simple with sneakers and a chambray shirt.

3. Opt for ankle boots so you can really show off the print. 

4. Add heeled ankle boots and a long button-down for a more dressed up look. Wear long sleeves for the winter.

5. Fringe boots with tribal leggings give off a comfy, boho vibe.

6. Make any pair of leggings more dressed up by wearing heels and going for a cute updo. 

7. Not feeling the leggings as pants vibe? Wear a long cozy sweater with yours, and add layers like a vest and knee high socks.

8. Your top doesn’t have to be solid! If your pattern is minimal, like polka dots, add a cute graphic tee and some flats.

9. Stay super comfortable on a lazy day by just wearing your leggings with a sweatshirt.

10. You can also try dressing up your sweatshirt/leggings a bit with chunky jewelry and cool shoes.

11. If you don’t want to show off your butt, choose a top that’s longer in the back than front.

12. You don’t have to choose an all-over print – this pair with the more simple cross is still really cool.

13. Wear your leggings as tights under a dress. Extra warmth!

14. Wear your leggings with trendy lace-up boots and put on a chambray shirt as a cardigan.

15. Add a leather jacket to toughen up the look a bit.

16. Opt for a sexier look by showing everything off with a crop top and heels.

17. You can’t go wrong with a slouchy sweater, cozy scarf, and combat boots.

18. For really lazy days, you only need to add Uggs.

19. Make printed leggings work for a night out by adding a stylish top and heels.

20.  And if you have a pair that don’t really work anymore, don’t throw them out – cut them into leg warmers to wear under boots as socks!

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