20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Sweater Dress This Winter

To be honest, I kind of hate the term “sweater dress.” For some reason, it sounds like a boring piece of clothing that a boring adult would wear, maybe in an annoyingly preppy way, and that image just isn’t appealing to me. But an actual sweater dress? I definitely don’t hate those. A sweater dress is essentially a giant swear that can be worn without pants, which is pretty amazing. They’re also perfect for winter weather (if it ever arrives in New York) because they’re cozy and comfortable.

Maybe you’ve always thought of sweater dresses the same way I do when I hear the term, and you’ve never tried them. Or maybe you have one and you have no idea what to wear it with. This clothing item is actually easier to style than you might think. Making them look good often comes down to picking the right sweater dress for you. For example: I’m short. If I wear an over-sized sweater dress, it kind of swallows me up and makes me look like a knit ball, which some people might enjoy, but I personally don’t. I try to find sweater dresses that are made of lighter fabric and that don’t fall past my knees.

There are tons of options out there, and you have to pick the one that you like best on you. That doesn’t necessarily mean the most “flattering” option, it’s just the one YOU like the most. Want to know how to wear the coziest winter clothing item? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear a sweater dress, with cool outfit ideas you’ll love:

1. Not cold enough for tights? Add knee high boots and socks.

2. Or just opt for over-the-knee boots for a slightly sexier vibe.

3. Sometimes sweater dresses can be kind of shapeless. A skinny belt cinched at the waist helps with that.

4. Stay super casual with a pair of sneakers.

5. It’s me! I like to wear my sleeveless sweater dress with a blanket scarf draped over my shoulders as a poncho and ankle or knee high boots.

6. To keep your sweater dress from being too preppy, tie a plaid shirt around your waist. 

7. Leather leggings make a cool contrast against a slouchy knit sweater dress. Flats dress it down, while heels dress it up. 

8. A long statement necklace breaks up the dress a little bit and gives a boho vibe.

9. Add a cool hat and sunglasses for more a street style look.

10. Tights and heels keep your sweater dress looking prim and proper.

11. Layer with a vest for an easy winter look.

12. Yes, a sweater dress can be sexy! Go for a long version and add heels to glam it up.

13. Knit leggings and ankle boots make for the coziest outfit.

14. If you hate showing skin, wear a sweater dress over tight skinny jeans. The trick to keeping the look from being bulky is to choose a darker pair and add heels.

15. A pair of solid-colored pumps make even a knit sweater dress look professional and dressed up.

16. Stay cozy with a scarf that matches the dress.

17. Try a little layering action by wearing a button down under your sweater dress. Let the collar and sleeves pick out, and add a statement necklace for some glam.

18. Knee socks and Oxford shoes look so cool with the right sweater dress.

19. Make your sweater dress more glam with a big statement belt, over-the-knee boots, and lots of gold jewelry.

20. Keep things casual and simple by just adding a pair of chunky ankle boots.
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