20 Style Tips On How To Mix Patterns And Prints For Winter

Anyone can put together a cute outfit if they try hard enough – but not everyone can mix different prints and patterns in an unexpected way that actually works. Few things scream “fashionista” more than the ability to take a few VERY different items, and make them into an outfit that looks ridiculously cool. Mixing patterns and prints seems intimidating, scary, and difficult, but it’s actually not as bad as you think it is. In fact, I’m confident that anyone reading this can do it.

I don’t like to rely on fashion rules, but there are a few things to consider when trying to mix different prints together, which we’re going to go over in a minute. But at the end of the day, the thing that matters most is your confidence. If you think your outfit is amazing and you walk around like you’re a supermodel, other people will think it’s amazing too. Because really, style is about owning your look, and not about how much money you’ve spent on it or what designers you’re wearing.

Want to learn how to mix patterns like a street style blogger? Here are 20 helpful style tips on how to mix prints and patterns. It’s easier than you think, I promise!

1. Keep these tips in mind no matter where your mixing game is at:

2. Remember this important tip:

3. There are some classic mixing combos that you can start with if you’re nervous. Small stripes with a large floral print is one of them.

4. Another one is plaid and stripes, which is perfect for the winter.

5. And another one is stripes and leopard print. (Stripes can literally go with anything.)

6. You can start small by mixing a printed scarf with a different printed shirt. It’s fun, but not too in-your-face.

7. Another small way to start is by letting a different pattern peek out so it’s not so overwhelming. Try a plaid shirt under a polka dot sweater, with the sleeves and collar peeking out.

8. Or you can start by mixing shoes and a top, which also isn’t as obvious, but looks very chic. Plaid and leopard are always a good combo.

9. A good rule of thumb is to match colors – this outfit looks streamlined because it’s all black and white.

10. You can do that with a bold color too, like this one, which is all maroon and blue.

11. This is yet another example of that – the open plaid shirt over the striped shirt gives a really cool look to this otherwise simple outfit.

12. Take it up a notch, and pick patterns  that have the same overwhelming color. In this case, it’s the dark blue (or maybe it’s black, I can’t tell). That one color makes this look put-together instead of sloppy.

13. Once you pick two patterns with the same color scheme, keep the rest of your look simple. This floral blazer is a statement piece, but it works with the striped shirt because of all of the black.

14. By matching colors, you can also mix two different kinds of the same pattern – like horizontal stripes and vertical stripes.

15. When in doubt, use leopard shoes as more of a neutral color.

16. Sometimes two prints seem like they won’t work together, but then they end up looking good together, like this outfit. So feel free to experiment!

17. You can also make sure the other pieces you’re wearing work with the color scheme of your patterns. This skirt and sweater work because of the bold color black in both patterns. The brown shirt looks well with it because it matches the colors of the floral pattern.

18. Don’t be afraid to mix patterned tights with another pattern. This skirt and tight combo work because they both feature the color black. The textured sweater is almost like adding in a third pattern.

19. Which brings us to… adding in a third pattern! Start with baby steps, using a printed accessory like a bag.

20. And then move onto bigger things. Stripes, plaid, and polka dots work together because navy blue is the main color in each print.

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