20 Style Tips On How To Wear Long Cardigans This Winter

As a short girl, I’ve always been intimidated by very long cardigans. Chunky knits that hit close to my knee or lower seemed to swallow my body up, even when they were a size small or extra-small. I would have given up on them, except long cardigans are so ridiculously cozy and warm on cold winter days. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized I could pull them off – I just didn’t how to wear long cardigans before. I bought a super warm long cardigan that hit below my knee, put together a little outfit, and… actually loved how it looked (it’s below!).

The point of this little story is that I don’t care what style rules dictate – anyone can wear a long cardigan. If you’re worried that it’s going to overwhelm your frame, there are other things you can do to streamline the rest of your outfit so that it balances out the sweater (like wearing heels and skinny jeans). If you’re curvy or plus-size and you feel like a giant cardigan is going to make you look too wide, just choose one that is more fitted rather than bulky. But honestly, you don’t need to worry about either of those things, in my opinion at least!

Want to rock one of these big sweaters this winter? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear long cardigans and sweaters with outfit ideas you’re definitely going to want to copy:

1. Use a long cardigan to make a summer dress work for winter.

2. You can also skip the tights and add over-the-knee boots for a slightly sexier vibe.

3. Hi, it’s me! On days when it’s not THAT cold, I wear my long cardigan in place of a jacket with a cozy scarf and ankle boots.

4. If you’re worried a long cardigan is going to overwhelm you, add skinny heels and roll your jeans up so your ankles peek out. 

5. Instead of skinny heels, you could also do the same thing with comfier heeled ankle boots.

6. Not about that heel life? Sneakers are fine with long cardigans! Cuffing your jeans up a little bit to show that flash of skin keep the look from being too baggy.

7. Use your long cardigan as a layering tool under light jackets to make them work for colder weather.

8. If you live in a warmer climate, you can layer your big sweater over shorts.

9. Make crop tops work for winter by wearing a long cozy cardigan over them.

10. Make a formfitting midi dress more casual for daytime by adding a cozy cardigan over it.

11. Get yourself a super bright cardigan to brighten up gray days.

12. Wearing a very bulky long cardigan? Belt it at your waist to show off some curves. This also makes it look like a coat.

13. Keep things simple underneath. A white tee and plain jeans keeps the focus on your sweater.

14. Wear your long cardigan over a shirtdress, and add knee socks to keep your legs warm.

15. Make a basic cardigan more interesting and stylish by mixing prints with it, like a striped shirt and leopard bag.

16. Another way to make a long cardigan more chic is to add fun heels, like these leopard print shoes.

17. Layer your cardigan over a button down, cuffing the sleeves of it over the sleeves of your cardigan for a preppy vibe.

18. Want to wear leggings with a shorter shirt while also covering up your butt? This is basically what long cardigans were made for.

19. Don’t think you HAVE to wear slim clothing under a long cardigan. A full skirt looks just as great!

20. Make your favorite maxi skirt work for winter weather with the addition of a long cardigan.

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