20 Style Tips On How To Wear Patterned Tights

During the colder weather, tights are a girl’s best friend because they make it possible to wear dresses and skirts without freezing our legs off. Tights in black or nude could be a subtle addition to an outfit, but why keep this accessory boring and plain when there are so many other options? You could opt for a bright color to distract everyone from the winter blues, or you could pick a cute, eye-catching pattern. How do you wear patterned tights without going over the top? It’s easier than you think.

The cool thing about patterned tights is that they can quickly and easily make an outfit more interesting. And there are so many different kinds out there! You could buy something with a tiny pattern, like little polka dots or hearts. If you want something more fun, go for a more obvious look, like lace or floral. Patterned tights are more versatile than you think, and I don’t see them as often as I’d like. I personally have a pair of tights with a gorgeous lace pattern on them, and I love to wear them with solid-colored dresses to amp up my look.

Want to get on top of your tights game this winter? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear patterned tights, with outfit ideas that will inspire you to try something different.

1. The most simple way to wear patterned tights is to pair them with solids. A cute and simple pattern – like little polka dots – looks perfect with a skirt and ankle booties.

2. Wear patterned tights under dress shorts to make the clothing item work for winter. With heels and a sweater, this look is fun and different.

3. Tights make it possible to wear dresses in winter, but let’s be real: they are not that warm. Add over-the-knee socks over your patterned tights for a cozier look that still looks cute.

4. Patterned tights definitely don’t need to only stick with solids. This floral dress looks so cute with these heart tights. And for a little extra warmth, add some ankle socks.

5. Get yourself a pair of bold tights, like these matte floral ones, then wear them with a solid colored dress so the focus is all on them. They’re too pretty to hide!

6. Don’t worry about clashing patterns. These chevron-style tights look weirdly right with this tweed skirt.

7. Is it possible that tights with tiny polka dots look better with denim shorts than bare legs do? It might be. This simple outfit is perfect for a chilly day, and it’s different from what everyone else is wearing right now.

8. Add longer cozy knit socks to your tights. This layered look is easy to pull off.

9. Be bold! Pair very lacy tights with a floral print dress or skirt. Colored shoes really pull this look together.

10. Ripped jeans can be a little chilly in the dead of winter. Layer up with a pair of lace tights underneath for an unexpected look.

11. Use patterned tights to make a professional outfit more fun. They add a little bit of personality without going over the top.

12. They also look beyond adorable with a fancier outfit. If you’re going to an event, get a pair to wear under a sparkly skirt or formal dress.

13. It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of black lace tights that are this pretty. But if you want something easy, wear them under a black dress with black shoes.

14. To keep patterned tights from looking too feminine, wear them with combat boots and outerwear like a denim or leather jacket.

15. Knit tights might not exactly be patterned, but they are super cozy. They look right at home with a pair of rain boots on a snowy or rainy day.

16. You don’t have to choose black patterned tights! These mint green ones are proof that a color looks amazing too.

17. Pick a pair of patterned tights that look like they have a garter on them – the vintage look is adorable, and having that peek out under a dress is very ~*sexy*~

18. Patterned tights look SO cute with Oxford shoes. I don’t know why, the combo just works.

19. White dresses can seem out of place during the winter. Make them more cold-weather friendly with a pair of patterned tights.

20. Are ripped tights a pattern? Nah, not really, but who’s making the rules anyway? If you get a rip in your tights, embrace it – then wear them with boots, a skirt, and a crop top for a cute, edgy outfit.

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