20 Style Tips On How To Wear Shorts In Winter

Shorts are traditionally a clothing item for warmer weather, for obvious reasons. Shorts become a necessary staple in the summer and sometimes the spring, but most of us stash them away for the cold fall and winter days, opting for jeans, pants, and tights instead. Except… we don’t really have to do that, because it’s totally possible to wear shorts in the winter and make them look amazing. And warm, because that is clearly the most important thing.

I’ve seen a lot of people pull off the shorts-and-tights trend with ease, managing to look put-together and effortlessly styled at the same time. I have yet to try this myself, because I kind of feel like I can’t pull it off, so basically I’m scared. But these outfit ideas below might change my mind. From destroyed denim shorts worn with dainty heels to more formal shorts paired with cardigans, these looks are unexpected, fun, and refreshingly unique during a season when it sometimes feel like we’re all too bundled up. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear shorts in winter that will inspire you to take yours out of the closet:

1. Tweed shorts were basically made to be worn with tights, so if you’re nervous about pulling off this look, choose a pair of these to start.

2. Or jump right into it! Loose denim shorts look very trendy with black tights. Add ankle booties, a sweater, and a scarf, and you’re good to go.

3. The shorts don’t have to be loose though! Cuff them up, tuck in your shirt, and add a super cozy sweater.

4. You can make your look more unique by wearing tights with a print, like these cute tiny polka dots.

5. Heels or booties look good with shorts and tights, but you can also opt for white sneakers, which make an interesting contrast. A super long coat will keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside. 

6. Make the shorts-and-tights trend super fancy with a pair of sequined shorts, a fitted blazer, and heels.

7.  Or you can keep the fancy look more understated with black shorts, heels, and a pretty blouse.

8. Go for a ’90s grunge vibe with destroyed shorts, Dr. Martens, a plaid shirt, and a white tee.

9. Easily keep your look streamlined and chic by going the all-black route.

10. Even super short shorts can work when you add layers on top.

11. Get extra warmth by wearing over-the-knee socks over your tights.

12. Another way to keep cozy? A knit scarf and sweater, with Converse sneakers for extra comfort.

13. Make your outfit stand out with tights that have an unusual pattern on them, like these little hearts.

14. You don’t have to do blue or black shorts! This green denim pair looks awesome with black tights.

15. Make this look undeniably cool by wearing leather shorts.

16. Go for a more feminine look with lace or crochet shorts.

17. Suede shorts sometimes look better with tights than without tights. Add black booties and a black top, and you’ve got an easy, cozy outfit.

18. A fitted blazer automatically makes even denim shorts look more professional.

19. Try colored tights instead of black for something different. You can go for a full-on preppy look with Oxford shoes, a fitted blazer, and a tucked-in button down shirt.

20.  Or be brave and forgo tights all together! Wear your shorts with over-the-knee boots and a giant knit sweater to stay warm.

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