20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Lace-Up Shirt

You may or may not have noticed that a new trend has been blooming all around us: lace-up shirts (or bodysuits that look like shirts). Okay, maybe this has a throwback flair (these remind me very much of early 2000s fashion) so they might not be new, exactly, but they’re new for right now. These shirts lace up the front, usually displaying a decent amount of cleavage and, in some cases, a peak at the top of a belly button. They’re sexy, they’re risqué, and they have a very trendy vibe about them.

I’ve been spotting these shirts on my favorite fashion bloggers, celebrities, and fellow New Yorkers for weeks now, and I’ve been intrigued but nervous to try one for myself. I have boobs that are on the bigger side and I’m a modest dresser – these seemed like they would expose everything. But a few weeks ago, I finally gave in and bought one. I was shopping in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when I went into a tiny boutique and saw the salesgirl wearing a gray lace-up shirt. It looked awesome, and I thought, “Why not just try it on?” I was sure I would hate it, but I loved it. It looked good, it made me feel ~*~sexy~*~ and it was made of the softest fabric ever. I bought it, but have yet to wear it.

If you’re feeling just as intimidated as I am about these shirts, no worries. These outfit ideas will inspire you to go out, buy one, and rock it. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear a lace-up shirt:

1. Probably the most popular and the easiest way to wear this style is to tuck it into a pair of higher-waist jeans and add a belt. It has a bit of a throwback flair to it, but it’s still so cute.

2. Not into the idea of showing off that much cleavage? Layer your lace-up shirt over another shirt. It keeps you warm and it still looks good.

3. Pick more of a lace-up blouse and pair it with a skirt and tights. So ~*~trendy~*~

4. Or keep it simple and wear your lace-up shirt with a pair of comfy flared jeans.

5. Keep your look streamlined by wearing a black lace-up top with all black. This is v. chic.

6. You don’t need a necklace with this style because it’s pretty busy already. But this girl adds piles of gold necklaces to her lace-up top and she looks amazing. So I say, try it! 

7. Add a giant fuzzy sweater to stay warm in the colder weather.

8. Keep your lace-up shirt casual by wearing it with destroyed boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers.

9. Make this trend even more casual by buying a lace-up sweatshirt. So comfy!

10. Another cute way to hide all that cleavage is to wear a lacy bralette or tank underneath. This is still sexy and so adorable.

11. Going out? Wear your lace-up top or bodysuit tucked into a pair of jeans and add heels for some extra glamour.

12. Go all out boho by wearing your lace-up shirt with a suede skirt and a big hat.

13. Or keep things more simple and still elegant with additions like a denim jacket or glam bag.

14. You can also make the suede skirt work for winter by adding over-the-knee boots and a warm cardigan over the lace-up top.

15. Another way to wear your lace-up top or bodysuit with over-the-knee boots is to pair them with skinny jeans. This is slightly more practical for the cold weather.

16. Keep things sexy and chic by wearing a black lace-up top with skinny leather pants. And huge sunglasses, obviously.

17. You can even make a lace-up top look almost professional by wearing it with a midi skirt and heels.

18. Or make it more formal by wearing a fitted mini skirt and heels.

19. Another easy way to make the lace-up trend more subtle is by wearing a cute bralette underneath.

20. Channel Kylie Jenner and wear your lace-up top tucked into skinny jeans with a glam coat and super casual sneakers.

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