20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Leather Skirt This Winter

Personally, I have always found leather skirts a little bit intimidating. This is probably because every time I’ve seen one that I liked, it has been a skintight leather pencil skirt, which is A Look rather than just a casual look. Tight clothing makes me nervous (I feel like it never looks good on me) and leather makes me nervous (I feel like I have to style it a certain way to look right in it). So the two combined freak me out very much.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and that’s because I almost always see leather skirts on the same kind of people: skinny girls with lots of confidence who are very into ~*~fashion.~*~ This, by all means, does not mean that these are the only types of people who can wear and pull off leather skirts. In fact, what it means to me is that the rest of us need to tell ourselves we can pull off leather skirts, and then wear them.

Agreed? If you want to try out this classic fashion staple, then I really think you should. And I want you to! Here are 20 outfit ideas on how to wear leather skirts this winter to give you the fashion inspiration you need to, hopefully, push you into buying and wearing one. Is this fashion peer pressure? A little, but I think it’s worth it.

1. Add a lot of layers to make your leather skirt super cozy. Tights, a knit sweater, a scarf, and a blazer keep the look put-together but also warm.

2. You can also go without tights if it’s warm enough where you live. A knit sweater and ankle boots keeps the skirt winter-weather-appropriate, even without the tights.

3. Make a leather pencil skirt a little less dressed up by wearing it with a graphic sweater layered over a plaid shirt.

4. A high-waist leather skater skirt looks perfect with a cropped sweater and tights. Dress this outfit up with jewelry and heels, or keep it casual with flats.

5. Another way to keep it casual: add a slim turtleneck and boots.

6. A skater skirt is already a more feminine take on leather – make it even more feminine by adding a sweater with a cute saying and bright heels.

7. You typically see leather skirts two styles: pencil skirts or skater skirts. Try a pleated leather skirt for something different.

8. Another way to make your take on leather more unique is to opt for a midi skirt. This girl paired hers with a crop top and heels, which looks awesome.

9. Tuck your sweater into the skirt and add a belt. Studded accessories like studded boots and a necklace make the look a little bit more dressed up.

10. Make a black leather pencil skirt more dressed up by adding a black shirt, nude heels, and a bold red lip.

11. Wear your skirt with a sweater and over-the-knee boots instead of tights.

12. Even a graphic tee looks good with a leather pencil skirt. Tie it into a knot like this girl did or tuck it in. Ankle boots pull the whole look together.

13. There are more options than just black leather! A tan or brown leather skater skirt looks great with black tights, heels, and a nice blouse.

14. Keep a leather mini more casual by adding a graphic sweatshirt. A black hat and Dr. Marten shoes keep this outfit looking super ~trendy.~

15. Another way to keep a leather mini casual is to add layers: a bright sweater over a chambray shirt looks unexpected and cool. Polka dot tights make this outfit even more unique.

16. You can even make your leather skirt look a little preppy by adding over-the-knee socks, Oxford shoes, and a button-down shirt.

17. You definitely don’t need to wear your leather skirt with heels. Sneakers look cool even with tights. I love the contrast between casual slip-on sneakers and a professional blazer.

18. An all-black ensemble is chic AF, even with flat ankle boots instead of heels.

19. If you want to go sans tights, add a super long cardigan to stay warm on chilly days.

20. Going the all-black route? Add bright shoes to make a statement.

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