20 Style Tips On How To Wear Bralettes In The Winter

If you follow fashion bloggers on Instagram, then you already know that bralettes have become super popular in the last few years – it’s close to impossible to scroll through fashion #OOTD photos without spotting a lacy bralette sitting on top of a cozy sweater. Even if you feel like they’re impractical, you can’t deny that bralettes are gorgeous to look at, and they instantly make any outfit feel a little bit sexier. While these are great for warm weather outfits (I love wearing a pretty bralette under a loose tank top), they’re also great for winter outfits. But how do you make such a tiny piece of fabric work when your ultimate goal is to be warm? Start by checking out these outfit ideas, for one.

I know bralettes seem limiting since they’re typically made for smaller breasts. While there are options for girls with bigger boobs, this is a clothing item that is definitely made with smaller chests in mind. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out a way to wear them if you can find one in your size! To get totally honest with you guys, I’m a 32D, and I own tons of bralettes that fit nicely.

I love wearing bralettes in the winter because I love the extra feminine feeling. Winter clothes mean lots of layers for me, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and puffy and not stylish at all. But with a beautiful bralette underneath my tops, I feel instantly more chic. So, here are 20 style tips on how to wear bralettes for the rest of the winter season. These will definitely inspire you!

1. Wear a strappy bralette underneath a loose tank top – it looks cute peaking out, and it makes for a really nice layering effect. Stay warm by adding a cozy long cardigan on top.

2. Strappy bralettes can easily look more dressed up, but you can keep them casual by wearing them under a plain tee.

3. Make a cozy sweater look more chic and feminine by allowing a lacy bralette to peak out around the collar. This is a great way to update even your bulkiest sweaters.

4. Plaid shirts are a winter staple, and you can make them look glam by wearing a pretty bralette underneath. Let it show by unbuttoning a few of the top buttons.

5. You know those sweaters that are full of holes and need to be worn with a tank top underneath? Well, go for something sexier and just wear a pretty bralette underneath that you want to show off.

6. Have you ever seen a super low cut shirt and wondered, “Um, how are you even supposed to wear that?” Well, that’s what bralettes were made for.

7. A cool strappy bralette is begging to be shown off. Wear yours under a low-cut sweater for a perfect layered look.

8. Some bralettes resemble small crop tops – so why not wear them as if they were a crop top? Add high-waist pants and a cozy cardigan to stay warm.

9. If you’re searching for a super sexy look for a night out, do something like this: a loose tank top paired with a lacy bralette and skinny jeans. Bonus points for the chain necklace.

10. Here’s a super easy weekend outfit: a cute bralette with high waist jeans, a knit cardigan, and a floppy hat.

11. Make a boring gray top more interesting by allowing a beautiful bralette to peak out the top. It’s such an easy update.

12. Instead of wearing a button down shirt over a tank, wear it over a bralette you want to show off and leave the top few buttons undone. Keep this look casual by pairing it with boyfriend jeans and small heels.

13. A plaid shirt and black choker scream ’90s vibes, but a lacy bralette makes your look very sexy.

14. Wearing a sweater with a low back? Put it over a bralette that is strappy in the back. It’s one of those times you actually want people to see your bra straps.

15. Instead of wearing a sheer shirt over a tank top, wear it over a cool bralette. Make this look work for winter by pairing it with jeans, knit socks, and boots.

16. The most annoying thing about off-the-shoulder tops is that, at some point, your whole bra hangs out. Make things easier by wearing a pretty patterned bralette under one of these.

17. Or stay more subtle by wearing a bralette under a small tank. It makes a super casual look, like this one, instantly more interesting.

18. Not sure how to wear your halter bralette? Just let the straps hang out under a plain tee.

19. If you have a bralette with a high neck, let it show under a low cut top – it looks like you’re a master at layering, which you kind of are.

20. If you’re going out and you want to be the center of attention, go for this bold look: a bralette as a crop top paired with a high waist pencil skirt. Very bombshell.

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