20 Style Tips On How To Wear Baseball Hats

I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but baseball hats are enjoying a moment of popularity. Yes, I’m talking about the classic cap that you’ve probably seen your dad, grandpa, brother, and friends wear your whole life. Baseball hats have been around forever, obviously, but they’ve traditionally been something you wear if you’re a “sporty” person, if you’re doing something vaguely athletic, or if you’re a dude. This year, they’re being worn as a stylish accessory that makes even dresses and heels look more casual. You definitely don’t need to be a guy to wear a baseball hat – and with the options available right now, you don’t even need to be into sports.

Baseball hats make the perfect summer accessory. Aside from the fact that they look cute, they shield your face from the sun, they’re great for hiding messy hair in humid weather, and they’re ideal for outdoor hikes or walks. Pair them with a casual dress or a crop top, and you’ve got that cool-girl-Tumblr-aesthetic you’ve (maybe) always wanted. You can opt for a traditional cap with your favorite sports team’s logo, something plain and in a different fabric (like leather), or one with a fun saying or graphic (like a little alien). Where to begin? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear baseball hats this summer:

1. The best way to wear your hat is at an actual baseball game. Paired with a t-shirt dress and sneakers, it’s cute and perfect for a hot day. 

2.  Okay, the REAL best way to wear a baseball hat is with jeans, a tank, and slip-on sneakers. Casual, comfortable, and classic.

3. Baseball caps obviously go great with athleisure, whether you’re just participating in the trend or you’re actually going to work out.

4. Keep a tank dress casual with a hat, sweater, and sneakers. Simple and great for a spring day!

5. There’s something really chic about pairing a baseball hat with a leather jacket. Put the hat on backwards for an even more relaxed vibe. 

6. A super easy outfit idea that never fails: jeans, a graphic tee, a baseball hat, and pretty flats.

7. You can also pair your hat with a tied-front t-shirt…

8. If you don’t want a sports hat, buy one with a cute saying on it, like this crowd pleaser:

9. For a little bit more style, opt for a quilted hat. It’s different and fun.

10. A leather or faux-leather baseball hat is super trendy and even a little bit glam. Wear it with all black to look super chic.

11. Stumped on what to do with your hair? A braid is always a good option. 

12. Your skin, hair, and face all need extra protection at the beach. Wear your favorite hat with your bikini.

13. Baseball hats were basically made for boyfriend jeans and plain tees.

14. Make a maxi dress more casual by adding a baseball cap and sneakers. This could not be an easier look.

15. Baseball hats look surprisingly good with simple dresses and big sunglasses. Add a light scarf to make yourself look like an off-duty celebrity.

16. A suede hat is very ~on trend~ and dresses up this classic style.

17. Make a pencil skirt more casual by adding a hat that matches.

18. Dress down jeans and heels with a chic, all-black baseball hat. A sleek ponytail makes the look work.

19. The easiest summer look? Your favorite hat with shorts and a crop top.

20. Slip on a t-shirt dress, sneakers, your hat, and tie your sweater around your waist, and you’re good to go.

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