20 Style Tips On How To Wear Chokers

I never thought I would say this, but here we are: chokers are back in style, and if you want to look cool this summer at all, you need to buy one. Okay, no, that second part is not true, it is just what the trend world wants us to think, but even so… choker style necklaces are pretty damn awesome, and you might want to seriously consider purchasing one that fits your ~aesthetic~ for this season. While they definitely have that early 2000′s throwback quality about them, chokers are also weirdly sexy (for something being worn around your neck) and give off a slightly grunge, kind of edgy, flirty, fun, and unique vibe.

Chokers might seem a little bit intimidating. First of all, they don’t seem that comfortable. Something tightly wound around your neck all day long isn’t exactly #goals, but I can tell you that they aren’t that bad. I know this from experience, because back in middle school, I was absolutely one of those girls wearing the tattoo style chokers and thinking they made me look All That and a bag of chips, which also was a saying back then, and I’m so sorry I’m dating myself this way. Moving on. Because chokers have such a Kylie Jenner/Gigi Hadid/old school Christina Aguilera look to them, not everyone thinks they can pull them off. That is incorrect, and I think if you feel that way, then you really need to buy one. Need a good boost of inspiration? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear chokers, with outfit ideas that are going to make you want to go shopping right now. Happy spending!

1. Chokers can look very boho, and if you want to keep that vibe going strong, add a flowy sundress and some ankle boots. 

2. Pair your choker with other retro-style pieces like round sunglasses or high-waisted jeans and a crop top. You’ll look like you literally just stepped out a cool fashion magazine.

3. Buy a choker with a cute little charm for something extra, or DIY your own choker/charm necklace.

4. A choker is a statement piece, even if it’s thin, so it’s the perfect thing to add to an otherwise laid-back outfit to make it look more interesting.

5. A choker looks so cute when added to a preppy feminine outfit, like a skirt and Oxford shoes.

6. Add a choker to an otherwise professional outfit, like a button down shirt and nice pants, to make the look more fun and cool.

7. Thin or tattoo style chokers are really popular, but thicker chokers are just as cool. Wear a bold choker like this with an off-the-shoulder top so it really stands out.

8. Instead of doing black like everyone else, pick a gold chain choker that sits a little lower.

9. With a cool printed dress, dark lipstick, and over-the-knee socks, your choker makes you look like you just traveled through time from the ’90s.

10. Wear a wrap choker with a longer end over something simple, like a plain white tank.

11. No choker? No worries! Fold up a bandana, then wrap it around your neck like a choker. It’s a mix between a scarf and a choker, and it’s a very different look.

12. Wear your choker with a plaid shirt for some serious ’90s grunge vibes.

13. Don’t feel like you have to wear your choker with something more low-cut. It ends up looking really cool even with tops that have a higher neck.

14. Pair any choker with an off-the-shoulder top to really let it shine.

15. Looking for some style at the pool or beach? Wear a long layered choker like this one with a bathing suit.

16. Add a large charm to your choker to really make a statement. And these space buns with the necklace? Amazing.

17. Layer a thin choker with other necklaces, which looks especially great when worn with a simple top.

18. Go full on ’90s and wear your choker with a lace-up shirt.

19. Offset a deep v neckline with a choker or a layered choker for a sexier look.

20. Match your choker to your crop top or your crop top and skirt for a fancy night out.

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