20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Shirt Under A Dress This Summer

A lot of our favorite old trends came back in style this summer, but if any of them screams ’90s the most, it might be the shirt under a dress look. Growing up, I watched all of the *cool kids* and older celebrities pull off silky slip dresses over plain white tees flawlessly, looking messy in an impossibly chic way. I layered my own dresses over shirts and tanks, but I was young, and didn’t look nearly as cool as I wanted to. It’s a style that I still really want to try even though I’m totally intimidated by it. So how do you wear a shirt under a dress and look amazing and not just confused? Let’s all try it this summer!

I know, “summer” and “layering” seem like words that should never go together – it’s hot, and you want to wear as little clothing as possible. But this is one look worth trying over the next few months. The most popular way to pull off this trend is to pair a fancy-looking slip dress over a much more casual shirt, but you have other options too! This throwback trend might not stick around forever, so I suggest getting in on it now. If you need some fashion inspiration, here are some style tips on how to wear a shirt under a dress with summer outfit ideas. Try one and be prepared to impress literally everyone.

1. Wear a striped shirt under a plain black slip dress with sandals for an effortlessly cool summer outfit. 

2. Make a super sexy slip dress work for casual daytime stuff by adding a white tee. 

3. Want the preppy/professional look instead of the trendy one? Wear a chambray shirt under a tank dress, then add some jewelry.

4. For chillier days, a bright printed tank dress over a solid turtleneck is so cute.

5. Wear a t-shirt under a loose boho dress to give it a little bit more structure.

6. One way to tone down a fancier A-line dress is to wear it over a button-down shirt with flats. This preppy look is great for work attire.

7. Or go full-on supermodel chic with a graphic tee, a metallic slip dress, a baseball hat, and large sunglasses.

8. You can also go the retro vibe with a simple dress like this one, and only the collar of a button down peaking out.

9. Go hard on the ’90s style by wearing a white tee under a black slip dress with some space buns, a choker, and blue lipstick.

10. Tees and button-downs aren’t the only item to layer under a dress – an off the shoulder top also looks great when paired with a thin strapped dress. 

11. Add ankle boots and a wide choker to make your look a little bit more edgy. 

12. Wearing a low cut top under a tank dress makes it look like you aren’t even layering.

13. White tees look just as good under maxi dresses as they do under short slip dresses.

14. Make your tee and dress combo even more casual with a pair of comfy sneakers.

15. Sneakers look just as cute with a slip dress with a fun trim, like this lace one. It’s an unexpected mix.

16. Make a low-cut slip dress more casual by pairing a t-shirt underneath it.

17. Get two old trends into one outfit: a slip dress layered over a t-shirt AND jeans.

18. Choose a dress with a print instead of something plain, like this striped dress.

19. The shirt under a dress look is usually simple, but you can make your look more accessorized by adding a bandana, scarf, or a shirt tied around your waist.

20. Add a cool hat to give your look more of a boho vibe.

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