20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Slip Dress

There are a lot of new trends for spring 2016, and many of them a throwback to the ’70s, ’90s, or even the early 2000s – and the slip dress is no exception. The slip dress, which is slinky and sexy, is reminiscent of ’90s fashion, especially when layered over a shirt or turtleneck. As glamorous as they are, slip dresses tend to look almost exactly like lingerie, which is why a lot of people say silly things like, “Oh, I could never pull that off.” You can! And you should, because slip dresses are not a only big trend for the coming months, they’re also ideal for hot days when you don’t feel like wearing anything. How can you wear a slip dress without looking like you just rolled out of bed?

Also, how can we look like Kendall Jenner in this iconic picture of her and Gigi Hadid?

From layering it over a shirt to make it look more casual to pairing it with simple heels for a fancier look, there are a few different, unexpected ways to wear slip dresses that you might not have thought of. What’s cool about a slip dress is that it can be more versatile than you think – you just need some confidence and attitude, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on – here are 20 style tips on how to wear a slip dress this spring and summer:  

1. The easiest way to wear a slip dress is to, obviously, keep it simple. Adding accessories like flat sandals and a floppy hat keep the dress casual and effortless. 

2. For chillier days, add a long cardigan and either combat boots or Dr. Martens. The boots keep the look laid back and easy, while boho accessories like long necklaces and a hat make you look more trendy.

3. Opt for this super ’90s throwback: layer your slip dress over a t-shirt. Wear this look with flat sandals to stay casual.

4. If you’re looking for something slightly more polished, throw a fitted blazer over your slip dress and add some heels. This is so sexy and cool.

5. Layer even the fanciest slip dress over a white tee for a “cool-girl” vibe. Over-the-knee boots are a great option for spring weather. If you’re feeling very ’90s, pair this with a choker.

6. You can also add unexpected clothing to the dress, like a baggy varsity jacket, for a real street-style vibe.

7. Sometimes the best look involves almost nothing at all except for a good bag and some pretty necklaces. Also, note how good slip dresses look when they’re a little bit wrinkled.

8. Take a big fashion risk with a look like this one: layer a long slip dress over a white tee AND jeans. The pieces are all random, but somehow, they work.

9. Have fun with a slip dress! Adding piles of necklaces and a chain belt makes you ready for a night out.

10. But if you want to be low-key, you can do that too. A denim jacket quickly dresses down a slip dress, and the super casual piece against the super glam piece looks awesome.

11. Cool sneakers instantly make a slip dress perfect for everyday wear. Add a leather jacket for spring days.

12. Another way to make a slip dress really casual is to pair it with jeans. A super slinky slip dress ends up looking like a long shirt or tunic.

13. Go for a ’90s grunge outfit with buckle boots or combat boots, and a plaid shirt tied around your waist. This is so Clueless.

14. A slip dress is also great for fancier occasions. Just add strappy heels, a cute bag, and some simple jewelry for a super sexy look.

15. Want an outfit that takes under five minutes to put together and looks like you tried hard? Wear a slinky slip dress with white sneakers.

16. Wear a loose button-down shirt over your slip dress as a cardigan. Lace-up sandals and a pretty necklace bring the whole look together.

17. Want to really stand out? Wear a bright slip dress over black pants and a sleeveless top. Lace-up flats keep this look polished.

18. Give your slip dress a little bit of an edge with black combat boots, a choker, and a half-bun hairstyle.

19. Or go for something more feminine with a floral bomber jacket, a pretty necklace, and a bright clutch.

20. And if you want to look really unique, wear your slip dress over a white button-down, add a skinny belt, and pair your pumps with visible socks.

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