20 Style Tips On How To Wear Casual Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are known as the dress one wears when they want to look sexy, fierce, and all dolled up – and it’s not hard to see why. They’re tight, they hug every curve, and they are usually pretty short, which makes them perfect for steamy date nights or dancing with friends. And while they are definitely at home in a fancier environment, bodycon dresses can be casual too. They might be super tight, but they can look awesome when worn with a pair of sneakers and some low-key accessories.

As someone who has always had curves, I’ve personally spent a lot of my life thinking I couldn’t wear a bodycon dress unless I was going out at night – I always felt they were a little too tight for someone with boobs and a butt. What looked casual and cute on thin girls looked too extra on me. But lately, I’ve been rethinking that. Instagram bloggers have helped to show me that anyone can pull off tight dresses in more casual settings, and I’ve even bought myself one to try out! Inspired to hop in on this current trend? You should be. Here are a few ways to wear casual bodycon dresses this summer – they might show off your curves, but who cares? You can do that whenever you want!

1. Swap heels for sneakers to immediately make your tight dress feel more casual. You can also tie a flannel shirt around your waist to give it a bit of a ’90s vibe.

2. Keeping it simple is key – too many accessories can quickly make this dress look less low-key. Sometimes all you need is a pair of sneakers and cute sunglasses.

3. A baseball cap (or dad hat) is an easy way to make a bodycon dress look more casual – just pair it with sneakers and a chic bag.

4. If you feel too ~exposed~ layer with a graphic tee. Just make sure to knot it on the side or in the center, otherwise it could hang weird.

5. A denim jacket is another easy way to make your bodycon dress look more casual, and a cute Panama hat is a great summer accessory.

6. Throw on a casual crossbody bag to instantly make this look more dressed down.

7. A utility vest is a nice layer that will keep things low-key and a little more interesting.

8. If the weather gets a little chilly, throw on a fitted leather jacket or blazer for a slightly more professional look. The sneakers keep it more low-key.

9. Instead of just black or white or striped, go for something super colorful. Adding black sneakers and a choker make this dress look ready for anything.

10. You can even just dress it up a little without making it too fancy – heeled sandals instantly add a little something extra.

11. Wedges are another way to make your bodycon dress just a little bit less casual – add a long necklace and you’re good to go.

12. For hot days, just throw on white sneakers and some braided pigtails.

13. A loose leather jacket looks great with a striped midi bodycon dress and white sneakers.

14. Go for some ’90s vibes with a ribbed halter neck bodycon dress.

15. You can add Dr. Martens or some sort of sturdy boot if you want a slightly more tough look with your dress.

16. Ankle boots are another great casual shoe to pair with bodycon dresses.

17. If it’s too hot for boots, just slip into a pair of flat sandals.

18. An oversized denim jacket is a great way to keep even a short bodycon dress from looking too extra.

19. Flats are another go-to shoe to make your bodycon dress look more casual.

20. You can also always opt for a bodycon skirt with a cropped tank and sneakers – not exactly the same, but still the same vibe!

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