20 Style Tips On How To Wear Culottes This Summer

I work in New York City, which means that I walk by extremely stylish people every single day, and that means that I get a pretty good idea of what’s trendy in the fashion world. What’s big so far this summer? Well, I’ve been seeing three things more than anything else: stripes on absolutely everything, off-the-shoulder tops, and culottes. The most unique of the three is, obviously, the culottes, and so they’ve caught my attention more than anything else. My thoughts? You should be wearing them, like, right now.

Now, I myself do not own a pair of culottes, although that might change this weekend (which is not even the point, but whatever), but I can tell you that they seem incredibly comfortable. They are basically loose-fitting cropped pants (not jeans), and they can be a total wide leg or a little bit more of a flare. They are breezy, effortless, and very chic. They also have a little bit of a more retro vibe, which is a pretty big theme in summer fashion this year. All in all? They seem like a wardrobe essential to me. You might find them slightly intimidating, although you definitely shouldn’t. But if you do, check out these ideas on how to wear culottes – the outfit ideas will definitely give you some inspiration.

1. You can keep the look simple with a plain white tee and some strappy sandals – this is really versatile and an easy summer look.

2. If your culottes have a very wide leg, you can balance that out with a tight crop top.

3. Go for a more unified look by wearing a matching top – it’s almost like a jumpsuit.

4. Get a pair of pleated culottes – they’re super feminine, so they’re easy to dress up, but you can also keep them casual with sneakers and a leather jacket.

5. Go for a slightly more professional vibe by tucking in a button down shirt or tank and adding heels.

6. Culottes can be tricky for short people, but it’s okay to wear them on the longer side – they look just as cute ankle length.

7. Go for denim culottes for a look that’s more unique and super ’90s.

8. Pair loose culottes with wedges and a tee for a simple summer outfit.

9. Or keep it super simple with flat sandals and a tank top.

10. Instead of plain culottes, opt for something with a pattern, like gingham.

11. Do something different and wear them with a graphic tee.

12. Throw on a fitted blazer for a more clean-cut vibe.

13. Bright floral culottes are super fun for summer. Pair them with an equally bright top.

14. Striped culottes are always a good choice. I love how they look paired with bright sandals here.

15. Get out of your fashion comfort zone with metallic culottes. They look awesome with ankle boots.

16. Just because culottes are loose doesn’t mean you have to wear them with a tight shirt. Throw on a loose tank for an easy outfit.

17. Go for a really fun print, like the below – they look great with clunky shoes.

18. Dress up striped culottes with heels, statement jewelry, and a bright top.

19. Throw on a denim jacket to keep the look more structured.

20. Wear your culottes with an off-the-shoulder top for a little bit more of a dramatic flair.

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