20 Style Tips On How To Wear Denim Skirts This Summer

At some point in the last few years, denim mini skirts went from a horrifying ’90s trend we looked back on with amused disgust to an adorable new trend with a fun and slightly retro vibe spotted on celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. In short? Denim skirts don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, and you should probably embrace them. And that’s not just because they’re so popular right now – denim skirts are comfortable, casual, and an easy way to make an outfit look effortlessly stylish.

While this probably isn’t the clothing item you would reach for when getting ready for an event on the fancier side, they are perfect for just about anything else – hanging with friends, going to school or work, heading to the beach, doing family stuff, etc. It’s good to have such a versatile casual item in your closet, especially one that is as easy as a denim skirt. I personally love to wear my own beloved skirt with slip-on sneakers and a cute tee or tank, but recently, I started wondering what else I could do with it. I found so many cute outfit ideas that I wanted to share them with you guys, because I’m a big supporter of this trend and I don’t want it to go away! So, if you want to pull off one of the season’s hottest items, here are a few ways to wear a denim skirt this summer. You’ll look a little retro in a good way.

1. Denim skirts are typically in darker shades, so pair yours with a bright top, like this yellow tank. It’s such an easy way to make a really cute outfit.

2. Pair your denim skirt with another huge trend of the moment – an off the shoulder top. The two combined create a laid-back chic look.

3. If you have a high-waisted denim skirt, wear it with a crop top. A pair of sneakers keeps this outfit super casual.

4. Another fun way to wear your denim skirt is to pair it with a top that’s a little less casual. The skirt can make something like a shirt with statement sleeves seem more low-maintenance.

5. Tuck in a white tee, put on some sneakers, and you’ve got an incredibly easy outfit right away. Add cute accessories like a headband and sunglasses.

6. You don’t have to stick with something basic – you can get a denim skirt with a pattern, or take it a step further and get a printed midi-length denim skirt.

7. Pair your denim skirt with a one-shoulder top for a seriously retro vibe.

8. Instead of sandals, wear your denim skirt with ankle boots to give it a little more edge.

9. Use your skirt like a swimsuit cover up – wear it to the beach over your bathing suit and throw on a loose shirt.

10. Sometimes all you need are the basics, like sandals and a cropped tank.

11. A cheeky graphic tee and lace-up flats are perfect for a casual outfit that still makes a statement.

12. Tuck in a loose tank to keep everything looking fitted, if you prefer that.

13. Instead of a tight mini skirt, choose a more full midi denim skirt. It’s a little more retro, but it’s so unique and fun.

14. If you want to get some layering in, tuck in a tank top, then loosely tie a button down shirt over it. This makes a comfortable and casual outfit that definitely isn’t boring.

15. Opt for something unexpected on your skirt, like a zipper going up the front.

16. Instead of your traditional denim color, wear a black denim skirt for something a little less girly.

17. Sew or iron on fun patches to show off your personality.

18. Show off your chic side by wearing your denim skirt with a fitted leather jacket.

19. A white denim skirt feels perfect for summer weather, especially when worn with flat sandals.

20. Add a cute blazer or fitted jacket to make your denim skirt come off as a little more professional.

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