20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Gingham Shirt

One of the biggest trends this summer is gingham clothing – it’s right up there with stripes and button-down shirts for 2017, and considering how long it’s been around, it definitely isn’t going anywhere. You’ve definitely seen it in all of your favorite stores, and maybe you’ve purchased a few gingham items, or thought about doing so. You should! It’s a classic pattern that always stands out in a good way, and there are so many different ways to wear it.

Let’s just clear one thing up, though, before we get into the outfit ideas: gingham and plaid are two different patterns. Gingham refers to a checked pattern that includes white and another color, while plaid can include many different colors and doesn’t have to include white at all. The checked pattern in gingham is all the same size, while the pattern in plaid varies throughout the clothing item. Aside from that, gingham has a reputation for being a little more preppy, while plaid can be preppy, but can easily veer into grunge territory at the same time.

Now that that’s been cleared up, let’s talk about all the different ways you can wear a gingham shirt this summer. There are so many fun styles out there that it’s hard to ignore the allure of these tops – and you shouldn’t, because they’re very versatile. Here are a few outfit ideas for gingham shirts that will definitely inspire you to switch it up:

1. Keep it simple – a gingham tank or tee looks great with jeans.

2. Or if you want to be simple but take it up a notch, pair your gingham shirt with a simple skirt and a pair of sandals. It’s an easy look you can do a lot with.

3. Combine two trends in one and wear a gingham shirt with huge statement sleeves.

4. A lot of gingham prints are small, but opt for a larger checked print for something a little different.

5. Pair your gingham shirt with a feminine fabric, like a lace skirt. Make the look less stuffy by adding fun accessories, like a fluffy bag and metallic shoes.

6. Keep it casual and wear your gingham shirt under a pair of overalls. With bright shoes, your outfit is farmer chic!

7. Play around with the current trends, and go for a gingham shirt that includes ties, off the shoulder aspects, and ruffles. All you need to add are cropped pants and a pair of flat sandals.

8. Go full-on gingham by wearing a matching crop top and pants. The sliver of skin in between the top and the high-waist pants makes this a little less overwhelming.

9. Go for something a little more professional with a gingham blazer, or just leave a gingham button down open.

10. Pair a gingham top with bright bottoms, like these pink pants, to add some color.

11. A gingham off-the-shoulder top tucked into high-waist shorts almost has a little vintage vibe to it – and it’s super comfortable.

12. Add some pops of color to your look with a gingham shirt that has another pattern over it, like these bright flowers.

13. Mix up your patterns by wearing a gingham shirt with striped pants. To keep it from looking wonky, choose similar colors and make sure the patterns are different sizes.

14. Pair your gingham shirt with a denim skirt – the two go together perfectly. A hat on top is the best accessory.

15. Black and white gingham looks right at home with summery white pants.

16. Get a little layering action in by tying a gingham button down over a sundress.

17. Wear your gingham shirt with something totally unexpected, like a pair of patterned floral pants.

18. Opt for colorful gingham, like this orange and white top.

19. Wear a gingham crop top with high-waist jeans for a cute and flirty look.

20. A red gingham top is preppy, bold, and fun – especially for summer.

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