20 Style Tips On How To Wear Hunter Rain Boots

Not many things can put a damper on your style than a rainy day. You’re stuck picking an outfit that can still look good if it gets wet, you have to avoid certain materials (like suede and leather), and worst of all, you have to put on a pair of clunky rubber rain boots – unless you want to deal with wet socks all day, that is. Rain boots are… not the best shoe out there. They always feel damp inside, even if they’re waterproof. They don’t feel super comfortable. And, honestly, they make it hard to look chic. But I guess this is why Hunter rain boots exist: so that you can look good, even while it’s pouring.

Hunter rain boots are basically like the designer version of basic rain boots. They’re expensive, yes (it’s hard to find them under $100), and a lot of people can’t justify the price. But honestly? They’re more comfortable than a cheap pair, and they actually look pretty cute. If you’re going to have to wear rain boots a lot, you probably want them to be these. And, side note, yes, I’m aware that this sounds like an ad. It isn’t! I don’t even own Hunter rain boots! But I would LOVE to own Hunter rain boots, if anyone out there is listening!

Anyway, the point is this: just because it’s raining and gross outside doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Here are some style tips on how to wear rain boots (Hunters specifically, but these obviously work for any brand) this fall:

1. Keep it super casual – that can look chic with the right items! Keeping your color palette basic and muted – like all black and grey – makes it work.

2. If it’s not that cloud, skip the tights and just wear a pair of knee high rain boots with a dress and jacket.

3. A really cute fall outfit consists of a skirt, a sweater, knee high socks, and a pair of bright rain boots. This even looks acceptable if it’s not raining.

4. If it’s rainy and you still want to wear a dress, just wear your rain boots with a pair of high socks. This looks casual and comfortable with a long cardigan and a beanie.

5. If you have wide calves or just want something less clunky, go for short Hunter boots – they hit mid-calf (and they’re a little cheaper).

6. Make shorts work for rainy or chilly days by wearing them with a sweater and rain boots.

7. Keep a gloomy day from being too gloomy by wearing bright colored rain boots – these pink Hunters are perfect.

8. Casual rain boots look really adorable when paired with something more ~fancy~ like a full skirt.

9. Match the color of your rain boots to one of the main colors in an accessory, like a plaid scarf.

10. Stay cozy by wearing high knit socks under your rain boots, over a pair of jeans.

11. Another way to stay cozy but to change up the look a bit is to roll your knit socks over the top of your rain boots, like so:

12. Basic black Hunter rain boots work with anything, even when you’re mixing patterns with the rest of your outfit.

13. Wear yours over tights, and have some fun with the look by picking patterned or printed tights.

14. Rain boots are super comfy over leggings. Add some high socks, a long sweater, and a puffy vest for a really adorable fall look.

15. Green hunter boots look really great with jeans. Add a cardigan and a button down, and you’re good to go.

16. Pair your boots with a chambray shirt for easy fall style.

17. Make a summery dress work for fall with rain boots, a scarf, high socks, and a long sweater.

18. Hunter rain boots and a cozy sweater dress are a match made in heaven!

19. These rain boots even look cute with ripped jeans!

20. Match your bright Hunter boots to your shirt for a cheerful look on a gloomy day.

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