20 Style Tips On How To Wear Loafer Mules This Fall

This past summer, I lived in my low-heeled black mules. I wore them with everything I could and felt disappointed in outfits that didn’t look good with them. They were comfortable, chic, and elevated any look. Unfortunately, summer weather is over (I think? The temperatures have been strange in New York), and my mules are no longer cozy enough for chilly days. Fortunately, though, loafer mules are a big trend right now, and also the answer to all of my mule problems.

If you follow even one style blogger on Instagram, I’m pretty confident that you’ve seen a pair of loafer mules in action. They are flat (or have a very tiny block heel), and they are basically open-back loafers. So, they look like loafers, but with an open heel. Get it? I think you do.

The most popular loafer mules are probably the Gucci ones that are lined with fur, which are extremely trendy for bloggers. They are also about $1,000, so you probably can’t think about buying them. Fortunately, there are tons of cheaper options out there! They look good with everything, they’re comfortable, and they immediately make you look more mature and put together. Snag a pair and wear them until it’s too cold to show off your heels. Check out these fun ways to wear loafer mules this fall:

1. Pair your loafer mules with cropped jeans to really show them off.

2. Dress up a simple sweater, t-shirt, and jeans with a pair of loafer mules. They make the outfit look a little more put together.

3. Go for a more feminine vibe with a pair of loafer mules embellished with a large bow.

4. Worn with a leather jacket and a small bandana, loafer mules look a little bit more ~edgy~ and super trendy.

5. Instead of a solid color, go for something like this black and white pair – it’s a little more different and gives life to a basic sweater and jeans combo.

6. Loafer mules with tassels look comfortable and cute with a cozy sweater and a big blanket scarf – it’s the easiest fall look!

7. Make a long skirt work for transitional fall weather with a long sleeve shirt and some loafer mules.

8. Loafer mules even dress up a comfy sweatshirt and leggings outfit – especially if they’re lined with fur.

9. Brighten up any basic outfit with a pair of bold loafer mules, like these red shoes below.

10. If it starts getting too cold to leave your heels out, cover up with a pair of tights – proof loafer mules can work even in the winter.

11. Looking for an easy fall outfit? Boyfriend jeans, a cozy sweater, and a cool bomber jacket look a little bit more dressed up with loafer mules.

12. Opt for a patterned pair instead of something plain, like these floral mules.

13. For those days where it’s so warm it almost still feels like summer, loafer mules look so cute with a feminine top and cropped jeans.

14. Light colored loafer mules are cute and a little more unexpected – especially when they match your shirt.

15. Chic loafer mules look right at home with a fitted blazer, and worn with jeans, the look is a little bit more casual.

16. Loafer mules even work with a cool tracksuit – fall athleisure at its finest!

17. Use colorful loafer mules to make a neutral outfit a little bit more exciting.

18. Dress up your loafer mules with a midi skirt – a denim jacket keeps the look casual and comfy.

19. Pair your loafer mules with a sweater dress to make it work for a slightly warmer day.

20. Loafer mules make high waist jeans and a plain t-shirt look a lot more chic.

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