20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Midi Skirt This Fall

With fall weather comes lots of cozy outfit options: plaid shirts, loose sweaters, cute ankle boots, warm scarves. You’re probably so busy getting excited about wearing jeans without ending up in a pool of sweat that you’re forgetting something – fall’s transitional weather can sometimes be a little on the warmer side, meaning skirts and dresses aren’t completely out of the picture just yet. In fact, one of fall’s biggest trends is the midi skirt, an A-line skirt that falls to mid-calf length, hence the name.

This slightly awkward length can sometimes turn people off from midi skirts – I know that I was once told I couldn’t wear them because I’m short and they would cut my legs and make me look shorter. But I bought one anyway, because I wanted to, and I wear it a lot and always get compliments on it, so whatever! The point is that they aren’t as difficult to wear as you might think, and they are also very cute and chic, so they’re definitely worth trying. You can opt for something classic, like a solid color button down, or something a little bit more on the funky side, like a metallic shade. Whatever you do, there are lots of ways to wear it. Check out these style tips on how to wear midi skirts this fall:

1. Add a fitted jacket and sneakers. Plain sneakers make any midi skirt look more casual. A metallic midi skirt is look a little more fancy – balance that out with sneakers and a fitted jacket.

2. Wear it with tights. A pair of tights is the easiest way to transition a skirt from warmer weather to cooler weather. Wear your midi skirt and tights with ankle boots and a sweater to stay cozy.

3. Pair it with a button down shirt. Some fall days are still warm enough to wear sandals. Make a midi skirt and sandals look autumn ready by adding a button down shirt.

4. Add a leather jacket. Opt for one that is more fitted so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Ankle boots or combat boots give a feminine skirt a little bit of an edge.

5. Tuck in a sweater. Wear your midi skirt with a fitted sweater and tuck it in to make the look more polished. Ankle boots are also a definite go-to.

6. Layer with a plaid shirt. Start with a graphic tee, add comfy sneakers, and layer with an open plaid button down to stay warm.

7. Or layer with a suede jacket to be more dressed up. A fitted suede jacket looks great with a midi skirt. Add heels if you’re going for something a little more dressed up.

8. Pile on a cozy scarf. Wear your midi skirt with a comfy sweater, tights, and ankle boots. Adding on a cozy scarf is a great touch.

9. Wear with heels to instantly look more put together. A tucked in light sweater is a great way to make this appropriate for fall weather.

10. Wear your midi skirt with a cropped sweater. Well, they look awesome with a high-waist midi skirt. Wear your combo with flats to stay comfortable and more casual.

11. Add socks and ankle boots for a more unique look. Make yours more casual with an oversized plaid shirt, and a pair of ankle boots with visible socks. A crop top makes the look a little sexier.

12. Pair a chambray shirt with a printed midi skirt. A chambray shirt gives this a more cool weather vibe, and colorful flats are just a fun touch.

13. Mix patterns for a funky vibe. Mix patterns, like a striped top with a patterned skirt, for a more unique outfit.

14. Opt for a loose sweater and fun flats. You don’t always have to tuck the top in – leaving it out is a little more relaxed.

15. On warmer days, stick with a white tee. When in doubt, add a white t-shirt. On chillier days, swap the sandals for ankle boots, and you’re good to go.

16. Add sneakers to instantly look more casual. Just wear it with a pair of sneakers. It even works with a skirt with a slit, like this one.

17. Pair with a blazer. A blazer makes everything instantly look more professional. With a midi skirt, pick one that is more fitted and cropped, and hits at the waist.

18. Stay covered up with a cozy sweater. A cozy loose sweater and mid-calf boots are the way to go. It’s chic, especially when you opt for a muted color palette, like this beige outfit.

19. Get more dressed up with the right accessories. A midi skirt, especially a metallic one, is a great option. Keep it looking fancy by adding heels and statement jewelry.

20. Pair your midi skirt with a denim jacket. A denim jacket is a hero item for fall, and they look great with a midi skirt. They keep it more casual and relaxed.

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