20 Style Tips On How To Wear Plaid Pants

Is there any other pattern that epitomizes fall as perfectly as plaid does? Plaid scarves, flannel shirts, plaid jackets… they’re all on point for the crunchy leaves, the crisp air, and the general freshness of the season. If you’re already obsessed with the print and want to make the love even more official, you need a pair of plaid pants. They might seem a little intimidating to wear – it is a lot of look – but once you nail it, you’ll have a piece that will probably never go out of style.

Plaid pants more often than not come across as really preppy, but they definitely don’t need to have that vibe. You can pair them with so many different tops and shoes that give them a totally different feel. They definitely have a more cool weather attitude to them, though, which works for us since we’re right at the beginning of September right now. And the best thing about them is that they’re kind of unique. Not everyone wears them, and they’ll always stand out – it’s nice to have at least one piece like that. The below style tips will show you how to wear plaid pants all season long. I bet you’ll develop a new favorite clothing item after this!

1. Keep them from looking too preppy with bright colored shoes.

2. A denim jacket and a hat are two additions that make plaid pants seem even more perfect for fall.

3. Add a leather jacket for a little extra “toughness” to balance out the pants.

4. Pick one of the colors of the plaid in your pants, and match your top to it. It has a very pleasing look to it.

5. Instead of a basic top, wear your plaid pants with a textured sweater that looks more subtle from far away. It’s simple and so versatile.

6. Make plaid pants look more professional with a fitted blazer and a pair of pumps.

7. For those fall days where it’s still pretty warm, wear your plaid pants with a crop top. It’s a nice mix of summer and fall.

8. To keep things simple, just add a basic sweater and a pair of black heels. It’s a look that can work for so many different things.

9. Keep high-waisted plaid pants from looking too vintagey by adding a cool blazer and a white top.

10. Plaid pants can easily be dressed up to look a little more fancy with an embellished top and a great pair of heels.

11. Don’t feel like you have to wear plaid pants with solid colored tops – a graphic tee gives them kind of a grungey vibe.

12. Wear cropped plaid pants to show off colorful socks so that your personality shines through your outfit.

13. Mix it up by wearing plaid pants with a striped top. Make sure you match a color in the pants with one of the main colors in the top.

14. A go to look for plaid pants? Adding a comfy sweater and a pair of heels. The whole look is perfect for autumn.

15. Add a cropped sweater if you want to show off a little bit of skin.

16. Pair black and white plaid pants with a top in a color that will stand out, like mustard yellow, which is perfect for fall.

17. Wear the pants with something a little unexpected, like a pretty velvet top.

18. Go for the more monochrome look – black plaid pants look great with a black top and shoes.

19. You can never go wrong with a white tee and some bold lipstick.

20. Keep things casual with a chambray shirt and comfy sneakers.

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