20 Tips On How To Wear White Sneakers This Fall

A few seasons ago, sneakers became more than just something you wore to the gym or when you were running errands. It became acceptable and even encouraged to wear them with jeans and a nice top, skirts, and dresses. Slip-on sneakers and sporty sneakers became a style staple at things like Fashion Week, and the world followed suit. And I’m happy to report that, many seasons later, sneakers are still very much a *Fashion Thing.* In particular, white sneakers. It is nearly impossible to walk around New York City without seeing at least five pairs of white sneakers, whether they’re giving a dressed up look a more casual vibe, or being worn with jeans.

Even if white sneakers start fading out of the fashionable crowd (i.e. editors, bloggers, influential people), which they may very well do quite soon, I doubt they’ll be going anywhere for the rest of us any time soon. They’re comfortable, they’re cute, and they make walking easy – what’s not to love? If you want to get super trendy, get a pair of sparkling white Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, but really, any white pair will do – Converse, Keds, maybe a pair of slip-on Vans. It’s hard to go wrong. If you want to skip out on the boot trend this fall, these are a great option. Here are a few style tips on how to wear white sneakers this fall:

1. A black and white look is the easiest way to wear your white sneakers. A black leather jacket makes them look a little less preppy and casual.

2. White sneakers help make a skirt and bare legs fit in better for fall weather. With a bomber jacket, they look sporty and cute.

3. You can make a maxi skirt work for autumn weather by adding white sneakers and a leather jacket. It makes the dress look more casual and less summery.

4. White sneakers obviously go great with jeans, and they make a button down look much more casual and comfy.

5. A midi dress was big for summer, but you can make it work for fall by adding white sneakers and a denim jacket. Suddenly it’s casual and on the warmer side!

6. Keep your look super casual with jeans, a tee, and a cute bomber jacket. It’s the easiest fall outfit ever!

7. If you like to dress up a bit more, this simple look could be an easy “fall uniform:” A-line skirt, soft sweater, white sneakers.

8. If you want to tone down a statement piece, like a cool jacket, just wear it with white sneakers.

9. Keep a flowy maxi dress looking more casual by wearing it with white sneakers.

10. White sneakers are the perfect accessory to a basic uniform of jeans and a white tee. A light jacket makes this look work for fall.

11. I love the contrast between super casual white sneakers and a long, structured winter coat. Jeans and a white tee keep the rest of the look simple.

12. Sneakers can even be worn with more professional looking clothing, like a pair of trousers. They’re normally worn with heels, but the white sneakers make them super casual.

13. Show off your socks! Wear your sneakers with cropped jeans and pull the socks up a bit. It’s kind of a cool and unique look.

14. For something more unexpected, wear your white sneakers with a fancier standout piece, like a metallic midi skirt. It creates a cool contrast, especially when you add a cozy sweater to the mix.

15. Bring your jumpsuit from summer to fall by adding a fitted blazer. White sneakers keep this look more simple instead of very professional or dressed up.

16. Culottes are great for fall weather, and when worn with white sneakers, they become more accessible and versatile.

17. Go for the perfect basic fall outfit: lots of layers, fuzzy vest, plaid shirt, cute beanie, ripped jeans, and of course, white sneakers.

18. Keep a black dress casual and perfect for every day wear by pairing it with white sneakers… and nothing else.

19. We’ve already established that the no white after Labor Day rule is lame. Pair your sneakers with various shades of white and cream for a chic fall look.

20. If it’s too cold for bare legs, wear your white sneakers with tights.

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