20 New Style Tips On How To Wear Your Turtleneck This Fall

Over the past few seasons, turtlenecks have steadily been pushing themselves back into style, and now it’s time: turtlenecks are officially back. They might remind you of this classic photo of The Rock or Drake awkwardly dad dancing to Hotline Bling, but trust me, they deserve more attention than that. This style is ideal for the chilly weather of fall and winter, as it keeps you super cozy and also super comfy. Don’t imagine the bulky days of turtlenecks past – the new style can be sleek and slim or oversized in that perfect “boho” way. You can dress them up, keep them casual, or go for that extremely cool street chic vibe so many of us strive for.

I’ve shown you guys turtleneck outfits for before, but that was a few years ago, and now there are even more ways to wear them. From layering them under or over your favorite fall staples to letting them shine on their own, there are lots of cool ways to wear a turtleneck. Go buy one (or five) and get ready to find your new favorite item. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to check out these awesome outfit ideas:

1. Wear a long, oversized turtleneck sweater with over-the-knee boots for a very trendy outfit. It might look like you forgot pants, but this is a combo of this year.

2. Or you can keep the pants and wear your turtleneck tucked into mom jeans. Flat Oxford shoes and glasses are cute ways to keep this updated.

3. Layering shirts under dresses is a big trend right now. Do it right with a slim turtleneck top and a corduroy, velvet, or suede dress over it.

4. You can make a short-sleeved duster cardigan even cozier by wearing a turtleneck underneath it.

5. Wear your slim turtleneck sweater with a suede mini skirt and add a cropped denim jacket. This look is super ’90s, but it works for the fashion world right now.

6. Opt for a cropped turtleneck sweater to do something different. They look killer with high-waist jeans and ankle boots.

7. Make your midi or maxi skirt work for fall by adding a turtleneck, hat, and ankle boots.

8. A turtleneck looks perfect under a pinafore style dress like this one. It’s preppy and a little schoolgirlish, but it’s also really cute.

9. Go for a more monochrome look by wearing your turtleneck with pants or a skirt in the same shade. Turtlenecks also look great tucked into high waist pants like these.

10. Wear an oversized turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans and ankle boots with a heel – it keeps the sweater from looking too bummy.

11. A lot of people opt for turtlenecks in basic colors, like black or gray, but there’s no reason you can’t stand out. Pick a bright turtleneck sweater, for a real statement piece.

12. Keep the denim skirt trend going by wearing yours with a striped turtleneck.

13. Layer an oversized turtleneck over a button down shirt, letting the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt peak out.

14. You can also layer a slim turtleneck under an oversized sweater, letting just the neck part peak out. This is for those super cold days when you really want to bundle up.

15. Choose a cropped turtleneck shirt and wear it with high waisted jeans and a cozy cardigan sweater.

16. A knit turtleneck looks unexpected under a slim leather jacket.

17. Don’t forget about one of the biggest trends this fall! A slim turtleneck looks right at home under a slip dress.

18. Keep cozy by wearing your turtleneck under a faux fur vest.

19. Wear an oversized turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans and ankle boots for an easy outfit that also looks really great.

20. Wear your plaid blanket scarf as a poncho over a cozy turtleneck sweater.

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