20 Style Tips On How To Tie And Wear Giant Scarves

The best winter accessory, hands down, is a giant scarf. Sorry if you thought otherwise, but you were wrong. Nothing feels as cozy and as comfortable as wrapping yourself up in a scarf so big that it could easily double as a blanket. It’s the perfect layering piece to stay warm on a cold day, and it also brings life to any outfit. A cute blanket scarf can instantly make something boring, like jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, look cuter. It can help transition a summery dress to the winter. It can keep you warm and look stylish at the same time. There are so many good things to say about giant scarves!

In all honesty, it isn’t too difficult to wear them – loop them around your neck and go, right? Sure, with most scarves, but sometimes big ones can be tougher. There’s so much fabric that a general loop might feel too bulky or annoying. And hey, what seems easy to some people isn’t always easy to everyone. So, if you want to look good and feel comfy this winter, you’ve come to the right place. These outfit ideas will save your winter wardrobe and inspire you to buy all of the scarves out there. Here are some style tips on how to wear giant scarves, whether it’s a blanket scarf or something else. Enjoy them while you can!

1. Don’t assume that just because you have a patterned scarf, you have to wear a plain top. Mix prints and patterns.

2. Use a plaid blanket scarf to make a more luxe item look more casual – like this mix of a comfy plaid blanket scarf with leather leggings, heels, and pretty accessories.

3. If having a giant scarf hanging down annoys you, you can always loop your scarf into something that resembles an infinity scarf.

4. Or use this tutorial for the easiest and most popular way to tie a big scarf

5. Do something different and try a low knot.

6. Or forget about the ties and knots and just let your scarf hang open.

7. A giant knit scarf looks stylish with a luxe item, like a leather jacket.

8. Try draping your scarf over your shoulders, then tying it in the front like a giant shawl.

9. Scarves don’t have to be too casual – if you have a nice one in a solid color, it works well as a shawl over a dress when you’re going somewhere fancy.

10. Loop your scarf around your neck a few times, letting only one end hang down. This can be easier than trying to make things even.

11. You can try making the scarf look smaller by twisting it and then looping it around your neck.

12. Easily turn your scarf into a stylish poncho by adding a pretty belt to hold everything together.

13. Or just drape it over your shoulders like so

14. A big scarf is a great way to make a spring dress look ready for winter.

15. Go for a cool monochrome look by wearing all black, including your scarf.

16. You can always just embrace how huge your scarf is!

17. Use it as a coat on days that aren’t super cold.

18. Or use it to hide half your face if it’s freezing out.

19. Let the ends hang unevenly.

20. Or do a little DIY action and turn your scarf into a cool vest.

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