20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Bandana With Your Outfit This Fall

One of the most notable trends of this fall season isn’t something big and splashy or something pricey or even something particularly new. It’s a bandana! Yes, a basic paisley bandana, like the one your dad wears when he does yard work. Or is that just my dad? Or, maybe a more common example, the one you see around a cowboy’s neck. No? Okay, then the one you see on a biker’s head instead of a hat or anything. Come on, one of those examples has to ring a bell.

Anyway, examples aside, your basic bandana has made its mark on the fashion world. Style bloggers and fashionable people have been sporting bandanas around their necks for a while now, and it’s currently in the process of picking up and becoming much more mainstream and not just fashion. Right now, the trendy way to wear them is around your neck, as if it were a choker, a large necklace, or even a little scarf. And before you think you can’t pull it off, trust me – you can! Bandanas have been spotted on the necks of the most stylish all summer, but they’re great for fall because they keep you warm in the chilly air without suffocating you. Plus, they make any outfit look instantly more interesting and unique.

It’s time to get in on this trend! You can buy a bandana for, like, $5, and then use it to make anything you’re wearing look even cooler. It’s that easy. For some inspiration, check out these outfit ideas accessorized with bandanas:

1. My personal favorite way to tie a bandana around your neck is to let the knot sit in the front and let the strings hang, almost like a necklace. It looks especially cute with a striped shirt.

2. Match your bandana to the rest of your outfit color palette. All black is obviously very glam.

3. An off-the-shoulder top lets you really show off your bandana around your neck, and it keeps you a little bit warmer.

4. Wear a colorful bandana with a white tee to instantly make your outfit look more put together.

5. Get extra trendy by tossing a denim jacket over your shoulders with your bandana. You’re basically a fashion blogger.

6. Try wearing a printed bandana, like animal print. It becomes a statement piece right away.

7. Instead of letting the knot show, tuck it under a strip of the bandana so that it ends up looking like a thick choker.

8. Pair your bandana - which is casual – with a sexier piece, like a lace up top, for some nice contrast.

9. Put the knot in the front, then add layers of more delicate necklaces for a cool boho look.

10. Wear your bandana with a plaid shirt for the perfect autumn look.

11. Keep things casual with a graphic tee and ripped jeans.

12. Tie the bandana so that it looks like a scarf and add it to all of your layers.

13. You can even wear your bandana with a fancy outfit, like this cool jumpsuit and heels. It makes it look cool and trendy.

14. Bandanas look killer with button down shirts – it’s a mix of professional and casual.

15. Pair your favorite cozy sweater with a bandana to bring it up a notch.

16. Tuck your bandana into your button down or chambray shirt.

17. Add your bandana to even high neck shirts – it looks cute and keeps you warm.

18. Wear yours with a leather jacket for a tougher vibe.

19. Pair your choker with a dark lip for a very ’90s look.

20. Or wear it with overalls. So cute!

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