20 Style Tips On How To Wear Bold Stripes This Spring

If there is one Fashion Week trend you can count on to be huge this spring and summer, it’s bold stripes. They’re everywhere, on everything from shirts to pants to skirts to shoes to accessories… you get it. When I say “bold stripes,” I don’t mean the classic black and white striped top everyone is required by law to own (I mean, not really, but you know what I mean) or a fitted button down with small stripes. I’m talking about large stripes. Stripes that are colorful, statement making, and in your face. You know – bold.

Basically, we’re encouraging you to move outside of your comfort zone and experiment with stripes a bit more this season. Mixing and matching different size stripes is a good start, and so is mixing them with different patterns. Don’t be afraid of loud colors or embellishments either – stripes don’t need to take on the spotlight on their own. Oh, and please forget that tip you may have heard about how you can’t wear stripes if you’re a certain weight or height since they can make you look bigger. It’s BS, for one, and it’s also just really lame and limiting. Anyone can wear them, and the photos below are proof of that. So, if you need some fashion inspiration, check them out. Here are a few ways to wear bold stripes this spring:

1. Go for large stripes in unusual colors. You wouldn’t think that orange and green go together that well, but they definitely do here.

2. Wear a striped item that is a little more dramatic, like a full midi skirt. Paired with a super bright top and accessories, these stripes look awesome.

3. High waisted striped trousers make such a statement that you barely need anything else with them.

4. A striped crop top isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it looks much more trendy when paired with a super bright skirt.

5. Mix a striped top with a patterned bottom. The key to doing this right is to match one of the major colors. In this outfit, the greens tie everything together.

6. Take advantage of transitional weather to get a little more wear out of a bold striped coat.

7. Go for a striped “suit,” like this matching top and pants set. It’s definitely a very bold look!

8. You can also try mixing and matching two different size striped items. Like, a top with slightly larger stripes, and bottoms with thin ones.

9. Merge two trends and stand out with a striped top and dramatic sleeves.

10. Opt for colorful, bright stripes, like this dress. It’s easy and so cute.

11. Or let tiny stripes become bold by letting them overwhelm your whole outfit. A midi dress like this doesn’t need much added to it.

12. Wear an item that has stripes going in different directions, like this cool looking skirt.

13. Forget fashion rules and wear striped wide leg pants. If you’re feeling really bold, pair them with a striped top.

14. Make stripes professional with a colorful striped blazer.

15. Striped off-the-shoulder tops are incredibly popular right now. Wear one in a bold shade like red to make it more unique.

16. Choose a striped piece that’s unexpected, like this open cardigan.

17. Go for a matching striped crop top and skirt.

18. Choose an item with super bright stripes and pair them with something else that stands out, like pastel culottes.

19. Bold and bright stripes look perfect when paired with black pants too.

20. Slim fit striped pants are perfect for spring weather.

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