20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Cape This Fall

One fashion trend I see quite often on the runways but have personally never tried until recently is capes. A cape, whether it’s worn as a coat or a blazer, gives a touch of elegance to any outfit you have on. Different from a poncho because of the holes for your arms, capes have been around forever and they’re pretty timeless.

They’re also a little confusing to wear. Capes are pretty unique, and wearing one can feel a little bit like dressing up sometimes – but in a good way. I think capes are great for fall because they’re perfect for layering. Since they give warmth without being as suffocating as a coat, they’re ideal for fall weather. They also look really good when you’re wearing a dress or something more formal. I just got a black blazer cape, and I love wearing it when I’m a little more dressed up. It keeps me from being cold, and it doesn’t look like I’m covering up my outfit.

Want to incorporate them into your wardrobe? You definitely can! If you’re not sure how, here are 20 style tips on how to wear capes this fall:

1. Keep it simple and wear your cape as a coat with jeans and a hat.

2. Go for a super glam, all-black ensemble. The cape makes it even more chic:

3. Choose a blazer cape, and wear it just like you would wear a regular blazer.

4. Stay warm in a skirt during fall by adding a cape to the outfit.

5. A cape is a classic – so why not pair it with other classic items, like a striped shirt, a chambray shirt, and flats.

6. Pair your cape with over-the-knee boots, a skirt, and a blouse with a big bow for a fancy, preppy look.

7. A cape is great for when you’re wearing a nice dress and tights. It still looks pretty!

8. A black cape dresses up a pair of destroyed jeans and looks really cool.

9. Button your cape all the way up and choose one with a collar for a more vintage vibe.

10. Add a long statement necklace and a floppy hat for extra glam.

11. Instead of staying neutral, go for a bright cape and pair it with fun patterns like leopard print.

12. Wear a short cap over any long-sleeved shirt instead of a jacket.

13. Use a light colored cape to break up an all-black outfit.

14. A blazer cape and a pair of heels instantly dresses up boyfriend jeans and a plain tee.

15. Pair a knit cape with leather leggings or pants for a nice mix of fabrics.

16. A cape is the perfect thing to wear with a nice jumpsuit.

17. A lot of capes are on the short side, but a long one is just as awesome.

18. Try belting your cape to make it look more like part of your outfit than just outerwear.

19. Add lots of jewelry and cool shoes to make a plain cape more interesting.

20. Wear your cape closed with over-the-knee boots for a very chic look.

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