20 Style Tips On How To Wear Cargo Vests This Fall

There are lots of new fall trends you should be aware of, and one of them is cargo anything, whether it’s shorts, pants, jackets, or vests. It’s also no surprise that olive green (which can also be kind of an army green) is one of Pantone’s colors for fall. What does all of that mean for you? It means you should probably buy some cargo vests.

Why? Because cargo vests are great transitional pieces for summer to fall, and they’re also versatile and easy to wear. Throwing on a cargo vest can make an outfit go from boring and simple to a little more interesting pretty quickly. Oh, and all of the outfits you can create with them are really adorable. Don’t believe me? Just check out the inspiration below. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear cargo vests this fall:

1. Layer your cargo vest over a plaid shirt for the perfect fall outfit.

2. You can also layer it over a striped shirt and add some ankle booties.

3. A cargo vest breaks up a polka dot dress nicely.

4. Layer your cargo vest over or under a leather jacket.

5. On chilly days, wear your vest over a chunky knit sweater.

6. A cargo vest is a great way to transition summer dresses into fall.

7. Keep it simple and wear it over a tee with jeans.

8. Or stay more casual with sneakers and a scarf.

9. With boots and a button-down, you’re ready for fall weather.

10. You can use a cargo vest to dress down a fancy item like a sequin skirt.

11. This cargo vest looks perfect over a long black maxi skirt. Statement necklaces break it up even more.

12. On warmer days, wear it with your denim shorts.

13. Look how cute it looks over a striped skirt and plain t-shirt.

14. You can button up your cargo vest, then belt it so it looks a little more unique.

15. The button-up and belted style looks just as great over a dress…

16. …Over a shirt and jeans…

17. …And over a maxi dress!

18. Use a cargo vest, scarf, and ankle boots to make a summer dress work for fall.

19. You can also leave it unbuttoned and belted over a plaid shirt.

20.  And don’t be afraid to pair it with patterns!

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