20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Cropped Sweater

A few years ago, I bought a really cute knit cropped sweater that I was super excited to wear. Last year for Christmas, my mom bought me a cozy cropped turtleneck sweater that I loved. I would say that I have worn both of these things a collective two times – and both were the first cropped sweater in the same outfit.

The point of this? Cropped sweaters can be tough to wear. First of all, they’re a contradiction – cropped tops are for warm weather, sweaters are for cold weather, and together, they don’t really make sense. Second, they have the tendency to be quite unflattering. A lot of cropped sweaters are very boxy and wide, which works great for some people, but not me, or a lot of other people. Both of these things will leave you with a very adorable cropped sweater that you have no idea how to wear.

I feel guilty about wasting the cropped sweaters in my closet, so I decided to get some help and look up some cropped sweater outfit ideas. And, obviously, I had to share with all of you. The thing about cropped sweaters is that even though they don’t make sense, they are still an awesome piece of clothing. And, when worn right, they won’t look awkward – they’ll look killer. Want to figure out how to wear a short sweater? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear your cropped sweater this fall and winter:

1. The easiest way to wear a cropped sweater is to pair it with high waist jeans. You can let your skin peek out, or pick a set that doesn’t show anything.

2. A great way to make use of a cropped sweater and a summer dress is to wear them together. A cozy knit sweater makes a summery dress work for cooler weather – just add ankle boots and maybe tights.

3. A cropped sweater is casual enough to make something like a bodycon skirt look a little bit less dressed up. This look is versatile – with heels and a clutch; with tights and flat boots.

4. Keep a fitted cropped sweater professional by wearing it with a high-waist pencil skirt. Cropped sweaters are actually great to wear with high-waist skirts.

5. Or just keep it super simple with jeans and a pair of sneakers. You don’t have to wear a cropped sweater with high waist jeans!

6. A loose, wider cropped sweater looks great with tight bottom, like a tight skirt. They end up complimenting each other.

7. Mix unexpected fabrics together for a more unique look, like a cropped knit sweater with a delicate tulle or chiffon skirt.

8. Do you own a cool pair of pants that have some sort of embellishment in front? Wear them with a cropped sweater to show them off.

9. Pair a fitted cropped sweater over a looser top, like this flowy white shirt. With skinny jeans, boots, and a beanie, this look is perfect for chilly weather.

10. Make a maxi skirt work for winter by wearing it with a cropped sweater and ankle boots.

11. Get comfy and chic by wearing a loose knit cropped sweater with wide leg pants or cropped pants. This look is not form-fitting at all, so make sure you’re fine with looking a little boxy!

12. Layer a cropped sweater over a plaid shirt, letting the collar and bottom peek out. This look is really cute with jeans.

13. You can actually wear a cropped sweater over any shirt – I love how this girl added a long necklace and rolled her sleeves up.

14. Go all out ’90s by wearing your cropped sweater with a plaid skirt.

15. Layer a cropped sweater over a white button down, letting the collar peek out for a preppy vibe.

16. I love how a cropped sweater looks with a high waist skater skirt. Add tights and boots and you’re good to go!

17. Pair your cropped sweater over a chambray shirt and wear it with ripped jeans. This is casual and comfy, but also really put together.

18. A short-sleeved cropped sweater looks great over a graphic tank top with jeans.

19. Wear a loose cropped sweater over a long body-con dress to make both pieces versatile.

20. A cropped sweater looks so good with high waist mom jeans, and has a bit of a throwback vibe to it with a choker, thick belt, and Dr. Martens.

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