20 Style Tips On How To Wear A Denim Jacket This Fall

It’s official: fall is biggest outerwear trends are bomber jackets and denim jackets. You can’t escape them – walk into any store, and you’ll see options for both all over the place, in every color/pattern you could imagine. And honestly, why would you want to? They’re comfortable, they’re perfect for transitional weather, and they look like such a statement piece that sometimes they can be considered part of your outfit and not just outerwear. While bomber jackets might be a trend that disappears eventually, denim jackets will be around forever, because they’re a true classic. If you want to get the most of yours, then learn how to wear a denim jacket and keep it looking fresh and updated.

Despite being such a classic, denim jackets can still look dated when worn a certain way. There are some styles and fits that point to a past decade. In the ’80s, jean jackets were baggy and bulky. The ’90s featured a similar shape in light washes. In the ’70s, they were a little more fitted and full of embellishments. The denim jacket trends of today mix all of those. A medium wash is generally the most popular, but there are still plenty of shade options to pick from. While our denim jackets are definitely more fitted today than they were in the ’80s, the newer versions are getting almost as baggy. We’ve gone back to embellishments, and right now it’s hard to find someone who isn’t covering their jean jacket in pins and patches.

If you haven’t already, buy yourself a denim jacket that fits perfectly, feels nice, and makes you feel good. If you’re not inspired yet, these outfit ideas will do the trick. Here are some style tips on how to wear denim jackets that will make you want to wear one every single day this fall:

1. Make crop tops work for fall weather by wearing your favorite one under a denim jacket. It’s layering at it’s best.

2. Cover yours in patches to automatically update it and give it a new look. It’s also a great way to show off your personality.

3. Denim jackets are known as a casual piece. One way to do that is to pair your jacket with a fancy clothing item, like a slip dress.

4. Use the back of your denim jacket to make a big statement, whether it’s a drawing or a quote, or even your name.

5. Don’t be afraid to wear your denim jacket with other denim pieces, like jeans or a skirt. The trick to pulling it off is to use different washes so they look different.

6. If you can’t deal with denim on denim, then wear yours with black jeans.

7. The most chic way to wear a denim jacket is to drape it over your shoulders without putting your arms in the sleeves. It’s very fashion

8. When it gets colder, layer your denim jacket under a vest.

9. You can also layer it under a warmer, longer jacket, which makes it work through winter.

10. Add pins all over your jacket to show off your personality in a more temporary way than patches.

11. Do something totally unexpected and belt your jacket at the waist for something more fitted. Now it looks like a part of the outfit!

12. Add a choker to give your jacket an instant ’90s feel.

13. Make your summer dresses work for fall by wearing them with denim jackets.

14. Roll up your sleeves, then roll up the sleeves of the shirt underneath your jacket, and tuck them over your jacket cuffs. See? It looks cool!

15. Opt for a bigger, bulkier denim jacket so that you can layer it over thick sweaters and sweatshirts for colder weather.

16. Tie your jacket around your waist as the temperature heats up throughout the day.

17. You don’t have to do a classic denim colored jacket – you can opt for something else, like black, which is common and looks very chic.

18. Cuff your sleeves a bit for warmer days.

19. Choose a longer style, then wear it with thigh high boots for something unexpectedly glam.

20. Opt for a cropped jacket if you want it to look more like a blazer piece.

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