20 Style Tips On How To Wear Faux Fur Jackets

When you think of a fur coat, you probably think of extravagance, glamour, vintage celebrities, your grandma, murder, blood, etc. Okay, maybe these are only the things I think of when I think about fur coats, but also I’m pretty convinced other people feel the same way. Fur coats have a controversial history, as they should. They’re incredibly expensive, making them a sign of wealth and opulence. But they are also, many people feel, cruel and unfair and a danger to innocent animals. Luckily, though, faux fur exists for those who want the look of a fur jacket without the overwhelming sense of guilt (and empty bank account). And according to fashion shows and trend forecasts, fur is supposed to be big through 2017.

There are lots of ways to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe, but the most classic way is definitely a coat. Even faux fur jackets are warm and cozy, and they just look perfect for crazy winter weather. Wearing them can seem a little intimidating, since they are definitely a statement piece. They aren’t as versatile as, say, a wool coat or a utility jacket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them work for you. If you want to finish off the winter in style, try a faux fur coat. Here are some tips and outfit ideas so you can feel even more inspired:

1. Make your faux fur coat look more modern by picking a fun color like pink.

2. Go for full-on glamour with a classic shade, an all black outfit, and a big bun.

3. Or keep it more casual by pairing it with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Looks good either way!

4. Save your fur coat for special occasions, as they definitely look great with a fancier outfit.

5. Get an animal print faux fur if you really want a statement piece – this will definitely stand out.

6. A faux fur bomber is fresh, fun, and makes the material a lot more casual.

7. If you have a black fur coat, wear it with all black pieces for a very glam, trendy vibe.

8. Add a wide brim hat and large sunglasses to look mysterious and to give off a bit of retro flair.

9. Faux fur and leather were basically meant to go together. Wear your jacket with leather pants and leggings for a cool street style outfit.

10. Wear a luxe fur coat over a super casual graphic tee to create an unexpected look that works.

11. Want to be super extravagant? Get yourself a long fur coat like this one. Worn with sneakers and jeans, it becomes slightly more casual.

12. Wear your faux fur jacket with boyfriend jeans to feel comfy and warm.

13. Layer a fur coat over a sweater dress, over the knee boots, and tights for a cozy outfit.

14. Have fun with the look – a mutli-colored fur coat is unexpected. It also looks great over a more monochromatic look, like an all-white outfit.

15. Pair your faux fur coat with something more “rough,” like combat boots, instead of something more “elegant” like heels.

16. Go for a monochromatic look by pairing your fur coat with pieces in the same color family.

17. Wear a cropped faux fur coat to give it a more flirty vibe.

18. Pair your faux fur jacket with other trendy pieces, like fishnet stockings under jeans.

19. Have fun with the look – a chevron print faux fur coat is cool and trendy.

20. Pair it with classics, like a striped shirt, comfy jeans, and heels. It’s an easy outfit that still looks super put together.

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