20 Style Tips On How To Wear Fishnet Socks This Winter

Somehow, we have entered a point in time where fishnet stockings are extremely trendy. They’re being worn under jeans, peaking out through ripped knees, or showing off someone’s waist under a crop top. The stockings are like a cool second layer that make plain old denim just a little bit more interesting. But they can also be kind of intimidating – it’s pretty easy to go overboard and make this look seem kind of ridiculous. That’s why fishnet socks are, I think, your best bet. They’re just as trendy as full stockings, but they aren’t as in-your-face, and they’re easier to wear.

Fishnet socks look really cute with sneakers – it’s kind of like 2017’s version of grunge mixed with athleisure – but they also look great with heels, Oxford shoes, and ankle boots. They’re a little more versatile than stockings, and they also aren’t as constricting, so they’ll take you through spring trends with no problem. And not to sound weird, but they also make for a pretty great Instagram photo. Anyway, all appearance notes aside, this is kind of a fun and unique style to partake in, even if it doesn’t end up gracing the pages of Vogue magazine. So, do something different this season! Here are a few style tips on how to wear fishnet socks to get you started:

1. The most popular – and most comfortable – way to wear fishnet socks is with classic white sneakers and slightly cropped or ankle length jeans or joggers.

2. Probably just as popular is wearing fishnet socks with a pair of heels, particularly pumps, and cropped jeans. Keep the look on the more casual side by wearing a graphic tee.

3. Fishnet socks also look great with ankle boots. Roll up your jeans to show off some of your calf, then pull up the socks so you see those instead of just skin.

4. These socks don’t have to be worn with jeans. Look how cute they look with sneakers and a pair of cropped black trousers. I love the mesh shirt with this also.

5. Keep things interesting by wearing your socks with a pair of open-back shoes, like flat mules.

6. Don’t feel like you have to wear your socks with neutral shoes. Make your feet stand out in a big way by wearing fishnet socks with bold shoes, like these red ankle boots.

7. If it’s warm enough, pair a dress or t-shirt dress with ankle boots and fishnet socks pulled up to mid-calf.

8. Opt for feminine pieces to keep the socks looking more on the chic side – lace frills around the bottom of cropped pants, and gold shoes is a great choice.

9. The best way to make a plain black dress more interesting? Add fishnet socks and a pair of heels.

10. Really show off the fishnets with a pair of clear, see-through heels like these.

11. Sneakers and fishnet socks make a boring outfit instantly more fun.

12. Go for more of a throwback look with chunky platform shoes and black fishnet socks.

13. Black fishnet socks and white heels are a great way to make a slip dress look more fun and sexy.

14. Get fancy with fishnet socks under lace-up heels and an A-line skirt. A sweater and a hat keep the look from being too dressed up.

15. Grab a pair with larger holes to make the look your own:

16. Roll up your jeans enough so that you can see the socks peaking out from under boots, but you can also see some leg.

17. Make a skirt and a sweater look more fun and trendy by adding fishnet socks with pointy loafers.

18. Instead of plain denim, wear your fishnet socks with a pair of patterned pants.

19. Fishnet socks look so good with black loafers – it’s a twist on a classic.

20. Keep it casual with Oxford shoes, a plaid shirt, and jeans.

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