20 Style Tips On How To Wear Fishnet Stockings

If you’ve been on Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr at all in the last few weeks, then you’ve probably noticed a random and very specific trend has popped up: wearing fishnet stockings under ripped jeans. Or with oversized shirts and sweaters. Or with skirts. Or with… anything. Yes, it’s true: fishnet stockings have made a major comeback, and they’re becoming bigger each day. Now, to me, this seems like one of those trends that gets so big so quickly that it will burn out just as fast as it happened, similar to half-up buns and lace-up flats (both of which I admittedly still love). But the good thing about buying and wearing fishnets? They’re cheap AF.

Basically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try this trend. It’s fun, it’s different, it shouldn’t make a huge dent in your wallet, and it’s extremely cool and will get you a lot of likes on Instagram (just sayin’). The most popular way to wear them is under ripped jeans, but there are other outfit ideas out there as well – and there’s a lot to play around with if you choose the denim and fishnet route. This is a new way to wear fishnets outside of Halloween costumes or just with a dress and heels, and any experimentation is welcome! Well, almost. If you need more inspiration to try this ASAP, here are some style tips on how to wear fishnet stockings:

1. Obviously the trendiest look right now is fishnets under ripped denim. Let them peek out through a few rips on a pair of skinny jeans with ankle boots.

2. This is also the perfect time to wear those jeans with holes so big it looks like someone accidentally ripped them open. I mean, they’re still cool, just saying.

3. If that look is too much for you, keep it simple – pair them under jeans with small rips and add sneakers and a plain top.

4. Pulling the waistband of the stockings as high as possible so that they are higher than the waistband of your jeans is also tres trendy right now. Wear this with a cropped sweatshirt.

5. Not into the denim look? Go a little more grunge by wearing ripped fishnets with a feminine dress.

6. Another essential fishnet look: roll up the bottoms of your jeans so that your ankles (and stockings) show.

7. Pair high waisted fishnet stockings with ripped jeans and a cropped sweater.

8. You can also something similar, just with shorts instead of jeans.

9. Do something different by wearing your fishnets with an oversized sweatshirt, and layering fun socks under your sneakers.

10. Want to do something a little more feminine and chic? Pair a black dress, ankle boots, and socks with black fishnets.

11. Everyone’s wearing black right now, but you can opt for white or another shade to stand out.

12. Don’t be afraid to wear your fishnets with cool shoes. Try a statement flat and roll the legs of your jeans up so both the shoes and the stockings are in full view.

13. Wear your fishnet stockings with another super trendy piece of clothing or an accessory – for example, furry slippers.

14. Go for a cool streetwear look with jeans with lots of rips, a bomber jacket, and a graphic tee – and of course, sneakers.

15. Fishnet stockings look weirdly amazing with leopard print booties or platform shoes.

16. Keep things slightly more traditional by pairing fishnets with a fun patterned dress.

17. Put your fishnets under shorts, then add an oversized sweatshirt and over-the-knee boots for the perfect athletic meets glam outfit.

18. Make an unexpected juxtaposition by wearing your fishnet stockings under ripped denim with a stripped shirt.

19. Fishnets are right at home under a leather mini skirt with a cozy sweater.

20. Wear your fishnets under jeans, then add a crop top and a pair of heels for an easy and super trendy look.

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