20 Style Tips On How To Wear High Neck Bralettes

There are so many things to love about bralettes: they’re super pretty to look at, they feel incredibly comfortable while offering (some) support, they make great Instagram flatlay photos, and they look just right with certain outfits. On top of all of that, bralettes are surprisingly versatile. They aren’t just for lounging around in your sweatpants or for a little extra support when you really don’t want to wear a bar – they can also be worn with your favorite tops and dresses, peaking out from underneath, looking sexy, feminine, and just plain beautiful. But every once in a while, you come across one that makes you think, “How am I supposed to wear this bralette?”

I’m specifically talking about high neck bralettes, which, while gorgeous, are a little bit of a style enigma. How are you supposed to wear a lacy bralette that comes up to your collarbone and is clearly visible to everyone? Is it only meant for sweatshirts? Is it only for turtlenecks? Is it only for sleeping? Is it… just for show? I had this feeling when I bought my first high neck bralette, a super pretty lacy piece that was clearly lingerie and not a tank top. For a while, I stuck to wearing it at home where no one could see me, until one day I wore it under a low-cut sweater and my life changed.

Okay, that’s dramatic, but for real: don’t be afraid to let your high neck bralette show! They’re so pretty and they can actually add a lot to an outfit. If you’re unsure how to incorporate such a statement piece into your wardrobe, I’m here to help. Use the below outfits as inspiration for how to wear your own high neck bralette. Let comfort reign!

1. The easiest way to wear a high neck bralette is to put it under a low-cut top that you would normally wear over a tank top. It’s a lighter layer and looks prettier.

2.  Certain high-neck bralettes can even pass as a crop top. Pair it with denim shorts and you’ve got a simple summer outfit.

3. Layer yours under a low-cut tank, then add lots of necklaces for a boho outfit.

4. You know those tank tops with very open sides? Those are perfect for a high neck bralette.

5. If you don’t like the lacy lingerie look to peak out, pick a strappy bralette to wear under a v-neck shirt. It looks unique and cool.

6. Halter bralettes can also be confusing to wear. Pair yours under a loose t-shirt with a pretty necklace for a feminine, layered look.

7. Make a see-through or mesh top work for day by layering it over a pretty high-neck bralette.

8. Let a bright bralette peak out beneath a loose tank top.

9. Sheer tops can feel uncomfortable layered over a tank top, but a high-neck bralette looks good and feels more light and airy.

10. Wear it as it’s intended – as loungewear! Under a loose shirt with sweats, a high neck bralette makes even your weekend bum look better.

11. With high-waist jeans and a long cardigan, the right high neck bralette just looks like another crop top.

12. Pair your favorite high neck bralette with a skirt for a sexy night out outfit.

13. Or choose a printed maxi over a tight mini for a more boho vibe.

14. Super low-cut tanks were made for lacy bralettes. Add lots of layered jewelry so the look is clearly intentional.

15. Pair your halter bralette with a loose sweater that hangs off one shoulder. It’s comfy, cute, and works for any season.

16. High neck bralettes with a loose t-shirt dress keep you comfy and cool.

17. Some high-neck bralettes also have complicated but cool backs. Show yours off with a backless or low-back shirt.

18. The style still works even with a bralette that has a keyhole at the top.

19. A strappy bralette under a low-cut top of the same color almost makes it look like they’re one piece.

20. Off the shoulder tops are super popular right now. Wear one with a high-neck bralette for an expected layered look.

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