20 Style Tips On How To Wear Loafers This Fall

If you think of preppy clothing and your grandparents when you think of loafers, you are not alone. I, personally, tend to think of older people and my Catholic school uniform days. But today’s loafers are so much cooler than all of those things. They do have a bit of an old-school, preppy vibe to them, but when worn with certain items, they can look really chic, trendy, and interesting. They’re comfy, and they make a great shoe option for fall weather so that you don’t have to wear boots all the time. All you need are some cute outfit ideas for loafers, and you’ve got a new staple in your wardrobe.

You can opt for traditional looking loafers in a neutral shade, like black or brown, if you want to keep things traditional. If you’d like something that stands out more, pick a fun color or a pattern. Whatever your choice, there are lots of ways to wear them, and you’ll quickly find that they’re more versatile than you think. I like loafers because they usually have a very tiny little heel, which I appreciate because I don’t always love super flat shoes. I also think they make any outfit look just a smidge more put together and professional. Want to see what I mean? Check out these tips on how to wear loafers, and then go buy yourself a pair, if you don’t have them already.

1. A pair of embellished loafers makes super casual boyfriend jeans and a blanket scarf look a little bit more dressed up.

2. Use loafers to pull together high-waisted mom jeans and a black mock turtleneck. This outfit has a little bit of a vintage vibe to it, and it’s so easy to put together.

3. Loafers can definitely look a little preppy, but when worn with ripped skinny jeans and a leather jacket, they look super cool.

4. Loafers make skinny jeans and a giant sweater look chic instead of lazy.

5. Wear your loafers with cropped ankle jeans to really show them off.

6. Printed loafers, like this snakeskin pair, are so fun. Wear them with black pants, a striped top, a long cardigan, and a hat for the perfect fall look.

7. Make your loafers stand out – get a metallic pair, like these pointy-toed silver loafers. They’re insanely cool.

8. If it feels a little too chilly to wear loafers, just wear them over socks – who cares if you can see them?

9. Instead of standard black or brown, go for a pair of colored loafers, like burgundy. They still look classic, they’re just a bit more fun. I love them with jeans and a button down.

10. Cuff your jeans, throw on a comfy sweater and a giant scarf, and add black loafers. It’s the easiest fall look out there!

11. You can also opt for loafers in a different material, like these very cool velvet loafers. They make a sweater and jeans look a little bit more dressed up.

12. Wear your loafers with tights, a dress, and a cardigan.

13. Or, pair them with tights, a top, and a skirt. I love how unexpected the denim skirt/loafer combo is here.

14. Metallic loafers look awesome with basics like black jeans, a striped shirt, and a denim jacket. They make this classic outfit much more fun.

15. Use printed loafers to break up an all black outfit. These leopard print loafers are so cute.

16. I also love the leopard print with jeans, a loose sweater, and a cozy knit scarf. They take an easy fall outfit and make it more interesting.

17. If you’re trying to look professional, loafers and an A-line dress make a great combination.

18. Black pants and loafers are a great combo. Add a sweater and a blazer, and you look ready for anything.

19. Wear your loafers with knee socks for a preppy vibe.

20. Metallic loafers dress up jeans, a graphic tee, and a simple jacket.

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