20 Style Tips On How To Wear Maxi Kimonos

Since style from the early 2000s has been making such a big comeback lately, it should be no surprise that dusters are popping up in the fashion world again. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, dusters are long sweaters, vests, or jackets that usually go down to your ankles (or almost to your ankles). In the early 2000s, they were, uh, pretty tacky looking, but the ones being worn right now are actually very cute (I say that now, but we’ll see what I think in 10 years). At the moment, you’re probably seeing a lot of maxi kimonos (another form of a duster!) on Instagram and such.

Duster kimonos are actually a pretty great “outerwear” type of item to wear during the summer, because they’re very light and airy – so they’re good for the nights you’re chilly, but it’s still kind of warm outside. When worn right, they look chic, unique, and fun. Maybe you’ve seen them around and wanted to try them out, but you weren’t sure what to wear them with. That’s what we’re here for! Check out these style tips on how to wear maxi kimonos this summer. They’ll quickly become a wardrobe staple!

1. Create an easy, breezy outfit by wearing a maxi kimono over a romper. Add sandals and you’re good to go!

2. Opt for a more boho vibe by wearing a maxi kimono over a maxi dress or skirt. Add a crop top if you’re worried about everything being too loose.

3. Make denim shorts a little more dressy by wearing them with a tank, a pretty maxi kimono, and a pair of ankle boots. Much more stylish than just flip flops and a tee!

4. Make jeans and a tank look a little more summery by adding a long floral kimono. A floppy hat is a really cute accessory to add on.

5. A lot of people wear maxi kimonos with tighter clothing items, but you certainly don’t have to. They have a relaxed vibe when worn with wide leg or flair jeans.

6. Pick a more unique maxi kimono by grabbing one with slits on the sides.

7. Wear your maxi kimono over a dress for an easy and pretty summer outfit that’s super versatile. If you want it to stand out more, pick a midi dress that’s the same length as the kimono.

8. Pair your maxi kimono over a white top and a pair of mom jeans for an eclectic look that works.

9. Go for a more monochrome look by wearing your maxi kimono over a jumpsuit or dress in the same shade.

10. Make your long kimono look more dressed up by wearing it with an A-line midi skirt and a pair of cool heels or ankle boots.

11. Make your jeans work for summer by wearing them with a tank, a floral maxi kimono, and a pair of chic mules.

12. Opt for a white lace maxi kimono for something a little different.

13. Or wear a sleeveless vest-style kimono. It looks so good with jeans and a tank.

14. Cropped jeans, flat sandals, a pretty maxi kimono, and a cute hat equal the best summer outfit.

15. A sheer maxi kimono is so pretty, especially over a maxi dress. It keeps the look from being “too much.”

16. Wear a maxi kimono that strongly resembles a robe with jeans and a tank top – these basics will keep it from looking like you put it on by accident.

17. Add some color to a little black dress with a maxi kimono. This is such a versatile look!

18. Use your maxi kimono as a swimsuit coverup for a day at the pool or beach.

19. Make denim shorts and a crop top less boring with a cool patterned kimono.

20. Maxi kimonos keep boyfriend jeans and an oversized tee from looking too relaxed while still being comfortable.

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