20 Style Tips On How To Wear Metallic Gold Shoes

Metallics are predicted to be among some of the biggest trends – but even if they wouldn’t, it would be hard to ignore the appeal of gold shoes. Metallic gold shoes have a fun, glamorous vibe to them, and can easily become the statement piece of an outfit. There are gold heels, which seem super fancy and stylish; gold sneakers, which look more put together and dressed up instead of gym-ready; and gold Oxfords and flats, both of which elevate casual styles from boring to more unique. Intrigued? These tips on how to wear gold shoes will give you lots of ideas.

Since metallic shoes tend to stand out, they’re great to mix with basics and neutrals. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pair them with other bold pieces – if you’re willing to take a bit of a style risk, you definitely should! Shoes are the best accessory to play around with, because they’re so versatile and can really change your whole look. If you want gold shoes that you’ll get a lot of wear out of, I suggest going for a pair of gold sneakers or Oxford shoes. These are the easiest to mix and match, and definitely the most comfortable. Need more inspiration? Check out these tips on how to wear gold shoes, with lots of outfit ideas for everyone:

1. Add gold loafers to a neutral look to instantly make it more fun.

2. Gold and black are a great combo, so why not wear gold shoes with an all-black outfit? It looks chic and it’s super easy to put together.

3. Have fun with the look – let bold socks peak out from between your gold shoes and sneakers. Red is an awesome choice.

4. Wear your gold shoes with slightly cropped jeans so that you can really show them off.

5. Shiny gold loafers seem unexpected with something as basic as a chambray shirt and black pants – which is exactly what makes the look work.

6. Pair gold heels with an all black outfit with gold details to look super glam.

7. Opt for rose gold sneakers if that’s more your style. They look particularly good with light wash denim.

8. Match your gold shoes to a shade in your outfit, like this girl did with her green floral dress. Everything flows and looks so pretty together.

9. Wear gold sneakers with a gold metallic sweater to really go for the trend.

10. Gold booties like these stand out so much that they don’t require much else. Wear them with all black for a sleek look.

11. Gold shoes also look great with winter whites, like this cream sweater with white jeans. They break up the more monochromatic look in a subtle way that just works.

12. Wear rose gold sneakers with variations of gray for an unexpected mix. They make even a super casual outfit like this one look more stylish.

13. Gold Oxfords look professional with a button down shirt and a blazer. Be a little more unique (and stay warm) by letting your socks show.

14. Of course, super shiny gold shoes look great with a black and white look like this one.

15. Or go for a more boho, casual vibe with mom jeans and a graphic tee. Either way, it works!

16. Don’t be afraid to pair bold gold flats with another bold item, like striped pants.

17. Gold sneakers keep a black dress like this one looking more casual than fancy.

18. You can also wear gold shoes with black tights – it’s more appropriate for winter weather and looks great.

19. Pointy toe black flats make a simple outfit of a knit sweater and jeans look more glamorous and chic.

20. Rose gold sneakers are the perfect comfy shoes to wear when you have a busy day.

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