20 Style Tips On How To Wear Off The Shoulder Dresses

One of the biggest style trends to emerge from summer is, without a doubt, the off-the-shoulder top, more formally known as “Bardot style tops.” At first, baring our shoulders felt like a throwback to another time, but now, it’s so trendy and seen so often that it has started to feel more modern and fresh. Off-the-shoulder dresses are flirty, cute, and really versatile, and I kind of think it’s a trend that’s gong to stick around for a decent amount of time. So why not embrace it?

It’s not hard to wear off-the-shoulder dresses – they make a statement on their own, so they really don’t need much else. But if you want to do something more unique, or you want to show off a killer #OOTD picture on Instagram, then you might want some outfit ideas to inspire you. Bardot style dresses can easily be seen as super feminine and even a little twee, but with the right accessories and colors, they can be given more of an edge. Keep these outfits in mind for summer dressing, but with an added layer, they can also work for the fall. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear off-the-shoulder dresses that are going to make you want to go shopping… and snap some mirror pictures.

1. A simple chambray off-the-shoulder dress like this one can easily be worn to fancier events when you pair it with heels and a cute clutch.

2. On the flip side, you can keep an OTS dress more casual by adding lace-up sandals and a cute braid.

3. You can also opt for a fancier off-the-shoulder dress altogether. With an A-line skirt, it looks retro and feminine.

4. Accessories like Panama hats and mule sandals keep this look easy but still chic.

5. Make your look more unique by picking out a bright off-the-shoulder dress and adding slightly more tough accessories, like heavy duty sandals instead of something more delicate.

6. The easiest summer outfit to put together: a cute off-the-shoulder dress with low heels. It’s versatile, comfortable, and looks good.

7. Get creative and make an oversized men’s shirt into an off-the-shoulder dress. It’s a little different and definitely sexy in a very effortless way.

8. A black off-the-shoulder dress looks so glam and so pretty. Add a brightly colored bag for a little bit of fun.

9. But if you want to keep a black OTS dress more casual, add lace-up sandals and a straw hat. Perfect!

10. Throw it back to the ’90s by tying a button-up shirt around your waist.

11. Ankle boots and a floppy hat give an off-the-shoulder dress a seriously cute boho vibe.

12. Make a white off-the-shoulder dress more interesting by adding bright shoes.

13. Tying a little scarf around your neck and adding white sneakers makes a striped OTS dress look preppy, but not too stuffy.

14. Combine two of summer’s biggest trends – off the shoulder dresses and chokers – for a very cute outfit.

15. White sneakers keep a longer off-the-shoulder dress more modern and casual rather than super retro.

16. With colored sunglasses, a choker, and white sneakers, you’ll literally look like an ad for Summer. But a cute ad!

17. Instead of leaving your clavicle bare, add a pretty necklace.

18. Adding simple accessories like a long necklace and comfy flats make a big difference.

19. Throw a denim jacket over your shoulders for a very supermodel inspired outfit.

20. You can also a maxi dress. A messy half top-knot and booties keep this look more casual and boho rather than super feminine and girly.

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